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;;; navi2ch-util.el --- useful utilities for navi2ch -*- coding: iso-2022-7bit; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,
;; 2009 by Navi2ch Project
;; Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Free
;; Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Taiki SUGAWARA <>
;; Keywords: network, 2ch
;; This file is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
;; the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(provide 'navi2ch-util)
(defconst navi2ch-util-ident
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'timezone)
(require 'browse-url)
(require 'base64)
(require 'navi2ch-vars)
(defun navi2ch-alist-to-hash (alist &rest keywords-args)
(let ((table (apply #'make-hash-table :size (length alist) keywords-args)))
(dolist (x alist table)
(puthash (car x) (cdr x) table))))
(defvar navi2ch-mode-line-identification nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'navi2ch-mode-line-identification)
(defvar navi2ch-replace-html-tag-alist
'(("&gt;" . ">")
("&lt;" . "<")
("&quot;" . "\"")
("&nbsp;" . " ")
("&amp;" . "&")
("<br>" . "\n")
("<hr>" . "\n--\n"))
"$BCV49$9$k(B html $B$N%?%0$NO"A[%j%9%H(B ($B@55,I=8=$O;H$($J$$(B)$B!#(B")
(defvar navi2ch-replace-html-tag-regexp-alist
'(("</?[?!a-zA-Z][^<>]*>" . "")
("&[a-z][a-z0-9]*;?" . navi2ch-entity-reference-to-str)
("&#[0-9]+;?" . navi2ch-numeric-reference-to-str)
("&#[xX][0-9a-fA-f]+;?" . navi2ch-hexadecimal-reference-to-str))
"$BCV49$9$k(B html $B$N%?%0$NO"A[%j%9%H(B($B@55,I=8=(B)
$B@55,I=8=$,I,MW$J$$>l9g$O(B `navi2ch-replace-html-tag-alist' $B$KF~$l$k(B")
(defvar navi2ch-replace-html-tag-regexp-internal nil
"$BCV49$9$k(B html $B$N%?%0$N@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defvar navi2ch-entity-table
'(("iexcl" . 161) ("cent" . 162) ("pound" . 163)
("curren" . 164) ("yen" . 165) ("brvbar" . 166)
("sect" . 167) ("uml" . 168) ("copy" . 169)
("ordf" . 170) ("laquo" . 171) ("not" . 172)
("shy" . 173) ("reg" . 174) ("macr" . 175)
("deg" . 176) ("plusmn" . 177) ("sup2" . 178)
("sup3" . 179) ("acute" . 180) ("micro" . 181)
("para" . 182) ("middot" . 183) ("cedil" . 184)
("sup1" . 185) ("ordm" . 186) ("raquo" . 187)
("frac14" . 188) ("frac12" . 189) ("frac34" . 190)
("iquest" . 191) ("Agrave" . 192) ("Aacute" . 193)
("Acirc" . 194) ("Atilde" . 195) ("Auml" . 196)
("Aring" . 197) ("AElig" . 198) ("Ccedil" . 199)
("Egrave" . 200) ("Eacute" . 201) ("Ecirc" . 202)
("Euml" . 203) ("Igrave" . 204) ("Iacute" . 205)
("Icirc" . 206) ("Iuml" . 207) ("ETH" . 208)
("Ntilde" . 209) ("Ograve" . 210) ("Oacute" . 211)
("Ocirc" . 212) ("Otilde" . 213) ("Ouml" . 214)
("times" . 215) ("Oslash" . 216) ("Ugrave" . 217)
("Uacute" . 218) ("Ucirc" . 219) ("Uuml" . 220)
("Yacute" . 221) ("THORN" . 222) ("szlig" . 223)
("agrave" . 224) ("aacute" . 225) ("acirc" . 226)
("atilde" . 227) ("auml" . 228) ("aring" . 229)
("aelig" . 230) ("ccedil" . 231) ("egrave" . 232)
("eacute" . 233) ("ecirc" . 234) ("euml" . 235)
("igrave" . 236) ("iacute" . 237) ("icirc" . 238)
("iuml" . 239) ("eth" . 240) ("ntilde" . 241)
("ograve" . 242) ("oacute" . 243) ("ocirc" . 244)
("otilde" . 245) ("ouml" . 246) ("divide" . 247)
("oslash" . 248) ("ugrave" . 249) ("uacute" . 250)
("ucirc" . 251) ("uuml" . 252) ("yacute" . 253)
("thorn" . 254) ("yuml" . 255) ("fnof" . 402)
("Alpha" . 913) ("Beta" . 914) ("Gamma" . 915)
("Delta" . 916) ("Epsilon" . 917) ("Zeta" . 918)
("Eta" . 919) ("Theta" . 920) ("Iota" . 921)
("Kappa" . 922) ("Lambda" . 923) ("Mu" . 924)
("Nu" . 925) ("Xi" . 926) ("Omicron" . 927)
("Pi" . 928) ("Rho" . 929) ("Sigma" . 931)
("Tau" . 932) ("Upsilon" . 933) ("Phi" . 934)
("Chi" . 935) ("Psi" . 936) ("Omega" . 937)
("alpha" . 945) ("beta" . 946) ("gamma" . 947)
("delta" . 948) ("epsilon" . 949) ("zeta" . 950)
("eta" . 951) ("theta" . 952) ("iota" . 953)
("kappa" . 954) ("lambda" . 955) ("mu" . 956)
("nu" . 957) ("xi" . 958) ("omicron" . 959)
("pi" . 960) ("rho" . 961) ("sigmaf" . 962)
("sigma" . 963) ("tau" . 964) ("upsilon" . 965)
("phi" . 966) ("chi" . 967) ("psi" . 968)
("omega" . 969) ("thetasym" . 977) ("upsih" . 978)
("piv" . 982) ("bull" . 8226) ("hellip" . 8230)
("prime" . 8242) ("Prime" . 8243) ("oline" . 8254)
("frasl" . 8260) ("weierp" . 8472) ("image" . 8465)
("real" . 8476) ("trade" . 8482) ("alefsym" . 8501)
("larr" . 8592) ("uarr" . 8593) ("rarr" . 8594)
("darr" . 8595) ("harr" . 8596) ("crarr" . 8629)
("lArr" . 8656) ("uArr" . 8657) ("rArr" . 8658)
("dArr" . 8659) ("hArr" . 8660) ("forall" . 8704)
("part" . 8706) ("exist" . 8707) ("empty" . 8709)
("nabla" . 8711) ("isin" . 8712) ("notin" . 8713)
("ni" . 8715) ("prod" . 8719) ("sum" . 8721)
("minus" . 8722) ("lowast" . 8727) ("radic" . 8730)
("prop" . 8733) ("infin" . 8734) ("ang" . 8736)
("and" . 8743) ("or" . 8744) ("cap" . 8745)
("cup" . 8746) ("int" . 8747) ("there4" . 8756)
("sim" . 8764) ("cong" . 8773) ("asymp" . 8776)
("ne" . 8800) ("equiv" . 8801) ("le" . 8804)
("ge" . 8805) ("sub" . 8834) ("sup" . 8835)
("nsub" . 8836) ("sube" . 8838) ("supe" . 8839)
("oplus" . 8853) ("otimes" . 8855) ("perp" . 8869)
("sdot" . 8901) ("lceil" . 8968) ("rceil" . 8969)
("lfloor" . 8970) ("rfloor" . 8971) ("lang" . 9001)
("rang" . 9002) ("loz" . 9674) ("spades" . 9824)
("clubs" . 9827) ("hearts" . 9829) ("diams" . 9830)
("OElig" . 338) ("oelig" . 339) ("Scaron" . 352)
("scaron" . 353) ("Yuml" . 376) ("circ" . 710)
("tilde" . 732) ("ensp" . 8194) ("emsp" . 8195)
("thinsp" . 8201) ("zwnj" . 8204) ("zwj" . 8205)
("lrm" . 8206) ("rlm" . 8207) ("ndash" . 8211)
("mdash" . 8212) ("lsquo" . 8216) ("rsquo" . 8217)
("sbquo" . 8218) ("ldquo" . 8220) ("rdquo" . 8221)
("bdquo" . 8222) ("dagger" . 8224) ("Dagger" . 8225)
("permil" . 8240) ("lsaquo" . 8249) ("rsaquo" . 8250)
("euro" . 8364))
:test 'equal))
(defconst navi2ch-uuencode-begin-delimiter-regexp
"^begin \\([0-7]+\\) \\([^ \n]+\\)$"
"uuencode $B$5$l$?%3!<%I$NA0$N%G%j%_%?$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-uuencode-end-delimiter-regexp
"^end\\([ \t]*\\)$"
"uuencode $B$5$l$?%3!<%I$N8e$N%G%j%_%?$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-uuencode-line-regexp
"uuencode $B$5$l$?%3!<%I$N$_$,4^$^$l$k9T$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-begin-delimiter "----BEGIN BASE64----"
"base64 $B%3!<%I$NA0$KA^F~$9$k%G%j%_%?!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-end-delimiter "----END BASE64----"
"base64 $B%3!<%I$N8e$KA^F~$9$k%G%j%_%?!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-begin-delimiter-regexp
(format "^%s\\((\\([^\)]+\\))\\)?.*$"
(regexp-quote navi2ch-base64-begin-delimiter))
"base64 $B%3!<%I$NA0$N%G%j%_%?$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-end-delimiter-regexp
(format "^%s.*$" (regexp-quote navi2ch-base64-end-delimiter))
"base64 $B%3!<%I$N8e$N%G%j%_%?$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-susv3-begin-delimiter-regexp
"^begin-base64 \\([0-7]+\\) \\([^ \n]+\\)$"
"SUSv3 $B$N(B uuencode $B$G:n@.$5$l$k(B base64 $B%3!<%I$NA0$N%G%j%_%?$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-susv3-end-delimiter-regexp
"SUSv3 $B$N(B uuencode $B$G:n@.$5$l$k(B base64 $B%3!<%I$N8e$N%G%j%_%?$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=(B")
(defconst navi2ch-base64-line-regexp
"[+/0-9A-Za-z][+/0-9A-Za-z][+/0-9A-Za-z=][+/0-9A-Za-z=] *$")
"base64 $B%3!<%I$N$_$,4^$^$l$k9T$K%^%C%A$9$k@55,I=8=!#(B")
(defvar navi2ch-offline nil "$B%*%U%i%$%s%b!<%I$+$I$&$+!#(B")
(defvar navi2ch-online-indicator "[ON] ")
(defvar navi2ch-offline-indicator "[--] ")
(defvar navi2ch-modeline-online navi2ch-online-indicator)
(defvar navi2ch-modeline-offline navi2ch-offline-indicator)
(defvar navi2ch-modeline-be2ch-login "[BE] ")
(defvar navi2ch-modeline-be2ch-logout "")
(put 'navi2ch-modeline-online 'risky-local-variable t)
(put 'navi2ch-modeline-offline 'risky-local-variable t)
(put 'navi2ch-modeline-be2ch-login 'risky-local-variable t)
(put 'navi2ch-modeline-be2ch-logout 'risky-local-variable t)
;; shut up XEmacs warnings
(defvar minibuffer-allow-text-properties))
;;;; macros
(defmacro navi2ch-ifxemacs (then &rest else)
"If on XEmacs, do THEN, else do ELSE.
Like \"(if (featurep 'xemacs) THEN ELSE)\", but expanded at
compilation time. Because byte-code of XEmacs is not compatible with
GNU Emacs's one, this macro is very useful."
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(cons 'progn else)))
;; Navi2ch$B$N%3!<%I$r%O%/$9$k?M$O"-$r(B~/.emacs$B$K$bF~$l$H$-$^$7$g$&!#(B
(put 'navi2ch-ifxemacs 'lisp-indent-function 1)
(defmacro navi2ch-ifemacsce (then &rest else)
"If on EmacsCE, do THEN, else do ELSE.
Expanded at compilation time."
`(if (string-match "windowsce" system-configuration)
(progn ,@else)))
(put 'navi2ch-ifemacsce 'lisp-indent-function 1)
;; from apel
(defmacro navi2ch-defalias-maybe (symbol definition)
"Define SYMBOL as an alias for DEFINITION if SYMBOL is not defined.
See also the function `defalias'."
(setq symbol (eval symbol))
(or (and (fboundp symbol)
(not (get symbol 'defalias-maybe)))
`(or (fboundp (quote ,symbol))
(defalias (quote ,symbol) ,definition)
;; `defalias' updates `load-history' internally.
(put (quote ,symbol) 'defalias-maybe t))))))
(defmacro navi2ch-with-default-file-modes (mode &rest body)
"default-file-modes $B$r(B MODE $B$K$7$F(B BODY $B$r<B9T$9$k!#(B"
(let ((temp (make-symbol "--file-modes-temp--")))
`(let ((,temp (default-file-modes)))
(if (integerp ,mode)
(char-to-int ,mode))
(set-default-file-modes ,temp)))))
(put 'navi2ch-with-default-file-modes 'lisp-indent-function 1)
(defsubst navi2ch-cache-limit (cache)
(elt cache 0))
(defsubst navi2ch-cache-hash-table (cache)
(elt cache 1))
(defmacro navi2ch-cache-get (key value cache)
`(or (gethash ,key (navi2ch-cache-hash-table ,cache))
(navi2ch-cache-put ,key ,value ,cache)))
;;;; other misc stuff
(defun navi2ch-mouse-key (num)
(intern (format "button%d" num))
(vector (intern (format "mouse-%d" num)))))
(defun navi2ch-define-mouse-key (map num command)
(define-key map (navi2ch-mouse-key num) command))
(defvar navi2ch-delete-keys
(list "\d" [del] [delete] [backspace]
[(shift space)]
[(shift ? )])))
(defun navi2ch-define-delete-keys (map command)
(dolist (key navi2ch-delete-keys)
(define-key map key command)))
(defalias 'navi2ch-set-buffer-multibyte
(if (fboundp 'set-buffer-multibyte)
(defalias 'navi2ch-match-string-no-properties
(if (fboundp 'match-string-no-properties)
(defun navi2ch-no-logging-message (fmt &rest args)
(apply #'lmessage 'no-log fmt args)
(let ((message-log-max nil))
(apply #'message fmt args))))
(defun navi2ch-replace-string (regexp rep string
&optional all fixedcase literal)
"STRING $B$K4^$^$l$k(B REGEXP $B$r(B REP $B$GCV49$9$k!#(B
REP $B$,4X?t$N>l9g$O!"%^%C%A$7$?J8;zNs$r0z?t$K$7$F$=$N4X?t$r8F$S=P$9!#(B
FIXEDCASE$B!"(BLITERAL $B$O(B `replace-match' $B$K$=$N$^$^EO$5$l$k!#(B
ALL $B$,(B non-nil $B$J$i$P!"%^%C%A$7$?%F%-%9%H$r$9$Y$FCV49$9$k!#(Bnil $B$J$i(B
REGEXP $B$,8+$D$+$i$J$$>l9g!"(BSTRING $B$r$=$N$^$^JV$9!#(B"
(if all
;; Emacs 21 $B$N(B replace-regexp-in-string $B$N%Q%/$j!#(B
(let ((start 0)
(l (length string))
mb me str matches)
(while (and (< start l)
(string-match regexp string start))
(setq mb (match-beginning 0)
me (match-end 0))
(if (= mb me)
(setq me (min l (1+ mb))))
(string-match regexp (setq str (substring string mb me)))
(setq matches
(cons (replace-match (if (stringp rep)
(funcall rep (match-string 0 str)))
fixedcase literal str)
(cons (substring string start mb)
(setq start me))
(apply #'concat (nreverse (cons (substring string start l)
(when (string-match regexp string)
(setq string (replace-match (if (stringp rep)
(funcall rep (match-string 0 string)))
fixedcase literal string)))
(defun navi2ch-replace-string-regexp-alist
(regexp-alist string &optional all fixedcase literal)
"STRING $BCf$+$i!"(BREGEXP-ALIST $B$N3FMWAG$N(B car $B$r@55,I=8=$H$7!"(Bcdr $B$GCV49$9$k!#(B
cdr $B$,4X?t$N>l9g$O!"%^%C%A$7$?J8;zNs$r0z?t$K$7$F$=$N4X?t$r8F$S=P$9!#(B
FIXEDCASE$B!"(BLITERAL $B$O(B `replace-match' $B$K$=$N$^$^EO$5$l$k!#(B
ALL $B$,(B non-nil $B$J$i$P!"%^%C%A$7$?%F%-%9%H$r$9$Y$FCV49$9$k!#(Bnil $B$J$i(B
REGEXP $B$,8+$D$+$i$J$$>l9g!"(BSTRING $B$r$=$N$^$^JV$9!#(B"
(let ((internal (navi2ch-regexp-alist-to-internal regexp-alist))
match rep)
(if all
;; Emacs 21 $B$N(B replace-regexp-in-string $B$N%Q%/$j!#(B
(let ((start 0)
(l (length string))
mb me str matches)
(while (and (< start l)
(setq match (navi2ch-string-match-regexp-alist
internal string start)))
(setq mb (match-beginning 0)
me (match-end 0))
(if (= mb me)
(setq me (min l (1+ mb))))
(car match)
(setq str (substring string mb me)))
(setq rep (cdr match))
(setq matches
(cons (replace-match (if (stringp rep)
(funcall rep (match-string 0 str)))
fixedcase literal str)
(cons (substring string start mb)
(setq start me))
(apply #'concat (nreverse (cons (substring string start l)
(when (navi2ch-string-match-regexp-alist internal string)
(setq rep (cdr match))
(setq string (replace-match (if (stringp rep)
(funcall rep (match-string 0 string)))
fixedcase literal string)))
(defun navi2ch-insert-file-contents (file &optional begin end coding-system)
(setq coding-system (or coding-system navi2ch-coding-system))
(let ((coding-system-for-read coding-system)
(coding-system-for-write coding-system))
(insert-file-contents file nil begin end)))
(defun navi2ch-expand-file-name (file)
(let ((result (expand-file-name
(mapconcat (lambda (ch)
(if (memq ch navi2ch-file-name-reserved-char-list)
(format "%%%02X" ch)
(char-to-string ch)))
(append file)
(if (string-match (concat "^"
(regexp-quote (file-name-as-directory
(expand-file-name navi2ch-directory))))
(error "Wrong file name"))))
(navi2ch-defalias-maybe 'assoc-string 'ignore))
(defun navi2ch-replace-html-tag (str)
(let ((case-fold-search t))
str t nil t)))
(defun navi2ch-replace-html-tag-with-buffer ()
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((case-fold-search t)
match replace)
(while (setq match (navi2ch-re-search-forward-regexp-alist
navi2ch-replace-html-tag-regexp-internal nil t))
(setq replace (cdr match))
(replace-match (if (functionp replace)
(funcall replace (match-string 0))
nil t))))
(defun navi2ch-replace-html-tag-with-temp-buffer (str)
(insert str)
(defun navi2ch-entity-reference-to-str (ref)
(if (and navi2ch-decode-character-references
(string-match "&\\([^;]+\\)" ref))
(let ((code (gethash (match-string 1 ref) navi2ch-entity-table)))
(or (and code (navi2ch-ucs-to-str code))
(defun navi2ch-numeric-reference-to-str (ref)
(if (and navi2ch-decode-character-references
(string-match "&#\\([^;]+\\)" ref))
(or (navi2ch-ucs-to-str (string-to-number (match-string 1 ref))) "$B".(B")
(defun navi2ch-hexadecimal-reference-to-str (ref)
(if (and navi2ch-decode-character-references
(string-match "&#[xX]\\([^;]+\\)" ref))
(let ((num))
(setq num (string-to-number (match-string 1 ref) 16))
(or (and num
(navi2ch-ucs-to-str num))
;; shut up byte-compile warnings
(navi2ch-defalias-maybe 'unicode-to-char 'ignore)
(navi2ch-defalias-maybe 'decode-char 'ignore))
;; (autoload 'ucs-to-char "unicode")
(defalias 'navi2ch-char-valid-p
(if (fboundp 'characterp) #'characterp #'char-valid-p)))
(defun navi2ch-ucs-to-str (code)
(let ((c (cond
((featurep 'un-define)
(ucs-to-char code))
((and (fboundp 'unicode-to-char)
(subrp (symbol-function 'unicode-to-char)))
(unicode-to-char code))
(decode-char 'ucs code)))))
(if (navi2ch-char-valid-p c)
(char-to-string c)
(defun navi2ch-read-char (&optional prompt)
"PROMPT (non-nil $B$N>l9g(B) $B$rI=<($7$F(B `read-char' $B$r8F$S=P$9!#(B"
(let ((cursor-in-echo-area t)
(if prompt
(navi2ch-no-logging-message "%s" prompt))
(setq c (read-char))
(if (and prompt
(navi2ch-char-valid-p c))
(navi2ch-no-logging-message "%s%c" prompt c))
(defun navi2ch-read-char-with-retry (prompt retry-prompt list)
"PROMPT $B$rI=<((B (non-nil $B$N>l9g(B) $B$7$F(B `read-char' $B$r8F$S=P$9!#(B
$BF~NO$5$l$?J8;z$,(B LIST $B$K4^$^$l$J$$>l9g!"(BRETRY-PROMPT (nil $B$N>l9g$O(B
PROMPT) $B$rI=<($7$F:FEY(B `read-char' $B$r8F$V!#(B"
(let ((retry t) c)
(while retry
(setq c (navi2ch-read-char prompt))
(cond ((memq c list)
(setq retry nil))
((eq c 12)
(setq prompt (or retry-prompt prompt)))))
(defun navi2ch-read-event (&optional prompt)
"PROMPT (non-nil $B$N>l9g(B) $B$rI=<($7$F(B event $B$rFI$`!#(B"
(let ((cursor-in-echo-area t)
(if prompt
(navi2ch-no-logging-message "%s" prompt))
(setq e (next-command-event nil prompt))
(setq e (read-event prompt)))
(if prompt
(navi2ch-no-logging-message "%s%s" prompt (single-key-description e)))
(defun navi2ch-y-or-n-p (prompt &optional quit-symbol)
(let* ((prompt (concat prompt "(y, n, or q) "))
(c (navi2ch-read-char-with-retry
(concat "Please answer y, n, or q. " prompt)
'(?q ?Q ?y ?Y ?\ ?n ?N ?\177))))
(cond ((memq c '(?q ?Q))
(or quit-symbol nil))
((memq c '(?y ?Y ?\ ))
((memq c '(?n ?N ?\177))
(defvar browse-url-new-window-flag)
(defvar browse-url-new-window-p)
(defun navi2ch-net-send-request
(url method &optional other-header content))
(defun navi2ch-net-get-status (proc)))
(defun navi2ch-browse-url-internal (url &rest args)
(let ((browse-url-browser-function (or navi2ch-browse-url-browser-function
(new-window-flag (cond ((boundp 'browse-url-new-window-flag)
((boundp 'browse-url-new-window-p)
proc status)
(if (eq browse-url-browser-function 'navi2ch-browse-url)
(error "Set navi2ch-browse-url-browser-function correctly"))
(when (string= (substring url 0 4) "sssp")
(store-substring url 0 "http"))
(when navi2ch-enable-status-check
(setq proc (navi2ch-net-send-request url "HEAD"))
(setq status (navi2ch-net-get-status proc))
(if (or (string= status "404")
(string= status "403")
(string= status "503")
(string= status "302"))
(error "$B%V%i%&%:$9$k$N$d$a$^$7$?(B return code %s" status)))
(cond ((and navi2ch-browse-url-image-program ; images
(file-name-extension url)
(member (downcase (file-name-extension url))
(navi2ch-browse-url-image url))
(t ; others
(setq args (or args (list new-window-flag)))
(apply 'browse-url url args)))))
(defun navi2ch-browse-url-image (url &optional new-window)
;; new-window ignored
"Ask the WWW browser defined by `browse-url-image-program' to load URL.
Default to the URL around or before point. A fresh copy of the
browser is started up in a new process with possible additional arguments
`navi2ch-browse-url-image-args'. This is appropriate for browsers which
don't offer a form of remote control."
(interactive (browse-url-interactive-arg "URL: "))
(if (not navi2ch-browse-url-image-program)
(error "No browser defined (`navi2ch-browse-url-image-program')"))
(apply 'start-process (concat navi2ch-browse-url-image-program url) nil
(append navi2ch-browse-url-image-args (list url))))
;; from apel
(defsubst navi2ch-put-alist (item value alist)
"Modify ALIST to set VALUE to ITEM.
If there is a pair whose car is ITEM, replace its cdr by VALUE.
If there is not such pair, create new pair (ITEM . VALUE) and
return new alist whose car is the new pair and cdr is ALIST.
\[tomo's ELIS like function]"
(let ((pair (assoc item alist)))
(if pair
(setcdr pair value)
(cons (cons item value) alist))))
(defun navi2ch-next-property (point prop)
(setq point (next-single-property-change point prop))
(when (and point
(null (get-text-property point prop)))
(setq point (next-single-property-change point prop)))
(defun navi2ch-previous-property (point prop)
(when (> point (point-min))
(when (eq (get-text-property point prop)
(get-text-property (1- point) prop))
(setq point (previous-single-property-change point prop)))
(when (and point
(null (get-text-property (1- point) prop)))
(setq point (previous-single-property-change point prop)))
(when point
(or (previous-single-property-change point prop) (point-min)))))
(defun navi2ch-set-minor-mode (mode name map)
(make-variable-buffer-local mode)
(unless (assq mode minor-mode-alist)
(setq minor-mode-alist
(cons (list mode name) minor-mode-alist)))
(unless (assq mode minor-mode-map-alist)
(setq minor-mode-map-alist
(cons (cons mode map) minor-mode-map-alist))))
(defsubst navi2ch-default-directory ()
(cond ((file-directory-p navi2ch-directory)
(file-name-as-directory navi2ch-directory))
((file-directory-p (expand-file-name "~/"))
(expand-file-name "~/"))
(t temporary-file-directory)))
(defun navi2ch-call-process-buffer (program &rest args)
"$B:#$N(B buffer $B$G(B PROGRAM $B$r8F$s$GJQ99$9$k!#(B"
(let ((default-directory (navi2ch-default-directory)))
(apply 'call-process-region (point-min) (point-max) program t t nil args)))
(defun navi2ch-alist-list-to-alist (list key1 &optional key2)
(lambda (x)
(cons (cdr (assq key1 x))
(if key2
(cdr (assq key2 x))
(defun navi2ch-write-region (begin end filename)
(write-region begin end filename nil 'no-msg))
(defun navi2ch-get-major-mode (buffer)
(when (get-buffer buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer
(defun navi2ch-set-mode-line-identification ()
(let ((offline '(navi2ch-offline navi2ch-modeline-offline navi2ch-modeline-online))
(belogin '(navi2ch-be2ch-login-flag navi2ch-modeline-be2ch-login
(unless navi2ch-mode-line-identification
(setq navi2ch-mode-line-identification
(default-value 'mode-line-buffer-identification)))
(setq mode-line-buffer-identification
(list offline
(force-mode-line-update t))
(defun navi2ch-end-of-buffer ()
(call-interactively 'end-of-buffer)
(when (eobp) (forward-line -1)))
(defun navi2ch-uudecode-region (start end &optional filename)
"START $B$H(B END $B$N4V$N%j!<%8%g%s$r(B uudecode $B$9$k!#(B
FILENAME $B$,;XDj$5$l$k$H!"(BFILENAME $B$K$b=q$-=P$9!#(B"
(interactive "r")
(let* ((coding-system-for-read 'binary)
(coding-system-for-write 'binary)
(mode "600")
(file (expand-file-name
(or filename
(make-temp-name (navi2ch-temp-directory)))))
(default-directory (file-name-directory file))
(buf (current-buffer))
(insert-buffer-substring buf start end)
(goto-char (point-min))
(when (re-search-forward navi2ch-uuencode-begin-delimiter-regexp
nil t)
(setq mode (navi2ch-match-string-no-properties 1))
(delete-region (point-min) (point)))
(insert (format "begin %s %s\n"
mode (file-name-nondirectory file)))
(goto-char (point-max))
(when (re-search-backward navi2ch-uuencode-end-delimiter-regexp
nil t)
(delete-region (match-beginning 0) (point-max)))
(insert "end\n")
(setq rc (apply 'call-process-region
(point-min) (point-max)
nil nil nil
(when (and (= rc 0)
(file-exists-p file))
(delete-region start end)
(insert-file-contents-literally file)
(when filename
(message "Wrote %s" filename))))
(ignore-errors (unless filename (delete-file file))))
(when (not (= rc 0))
(error "uudecode error"))))
(defalias 'navi2ch-line-beginning-position
(if (fboundp 'point-at-bol)
(defalias 'navi2ch-line-end-position
(if (fboundp 'point-at-eol)
(defun navi2ch-uudecode-write-region (start end &optional filename)
"START $B$H(B END $B$N4V$N%j!<%8%g%s$r(B uudecode $B$7!"(BFILENAME $B$K=q$-=P$9!#(B
$B%j!<%8%g%sFb$K(B `navi2ch-uuencode-begin-delimiter-regexp' $B$K%^%C%A$9$k9T$,$"$k(B
$B>l9g$O$=$l0JA0$rL5;k$7!"(B`navi2ch-uuencode-end-delimiter-regexp' $B$K%^%C%A$9$k9T(B
$B$5$i$K!"(Buuencode $B$N%U%)!<%^%C%H$K=>$C$F$$$J$$9T$bL5;k$9$k!#(B"
(interactive "r")
(let ((buf (current-buffer))
(default-filename nil))
(goto-char start)
(when (re-search-forward navi2ch-uuencode-begin-delimiter-regexp end t)
(setq start (match-beginning 0)
default-filename (match-string 2)))
(goto-char end)
(when (re-search-backward navi2ch-uuencode-end-delimiter-regexp start t)
;; exclude "end"
(setq end (match-beginning 0))))
(unless filename
(setq filename (expand-file-name
(if default-filename
(format "Uudecode to file (default `%s'): "
"Uudecode to file: ")
nil default-filename))))
(when (file-directory-p filename)
(if default-filename
(setq filename (expand-file-name default-filename filename))
(error "%s is a directory" filename)))
(when (or (not (file-exists-p filename))
(y-or-n-p (format "File `%s' exists; overwrite? "
(insert-buffer-substring buf start end)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (search-forward "$B!)(B" nil t) ;for 2ch
(replace-match "&#" nil t))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(let* ((char (char-after))
(len (- (navi2ch-line-beginning-position 2) (point))))
(when (char-equal char ?`)
(setq char ? ))
(if (and (looking-at navi2ch-uuencode-line-regexp)
(< len 63)
(= len (- (* (/ char 3) 4) 38)))
(delete-region (point) (navi2ch-line-beginning-position 2)))))
(insert "end\n")
(navi2ch-uudecode-region (point-min) (point-max) filename)))))
(defun navi2ch-base64-write-region (start end &optional filename)
"START $B$H(B END $B$N4V$N%j!<%8%g%s$r(B base64 $B%G%3!<%I$7!"(BFILENAME $B$K=q$-=P$9!#(B
$B%j!<%8%g%sFb$K(B `navi2ch-base64-begin-delimiter-regexp' $B$+(B
`navi2ch-base64-susv3-begin-delimiter-regexp' $B$K%^%C%A$9$k9T$,$"$k>l9g$O(B
`navi2ch-base64-end-delimiter-regexp' $B$+(B
`navi2ch-base64-susv3-end-delimiter-regexp' $B$K%^%C%A$9$k9T(B
$B$5$i$K!"(B`navi2ch-base64-line-regexp' $B$K%^%C%A$7$J$$9T$bL5;k$9$k!#(B
(interactive "r")
(let ((buf (current-buffer))
(default-filename nil)
(mode nil)
(susv3 nil))
;; insert$B$7$?8e$K:o$k$N$OL5BL$J$N$G$"$i$+$8$a9J$j9~$s$G$*$/(B
(goto-char start)
((re-search-forward navi2ch-base64-begin-delimiter-regexp end t)
(setq default-filename (match-string 2))
(goto-char (match-end 0)))
((re-search-forward navi2ch-base64-susv3-begin-delimiter-regexp end t)
(setq default-filename (match-string 2)
mode (string-to-number (match-string 1) 8)
susv3 t)
(goto-char (match-end 0))))
(if (re-search-forward navi2ch-base64-line-regexp end t)
(setq start (match-beginning 0))
(error "No base64 data"))
(goto-char end)
(if (or (and susv3 (re-search-backward
navi2ch-base64-susv3-end-delimiter-regexp start t))
(re-search-backward navi2ch-base64-end-delimiter-regexp start t))
(goto-char (match-beginning 0)))
(if (re-search-backward navi2ch-base64-line-regexp start t)
(setq end (match-end 0)))
(unless filename
(setq filename (expand-file-name
(if default-filename
(format "Base64-decode to file (default `%s'): "
"Base64-decode to file: ")
nil default-filename))))
(when (file-directory-p filename)
(if default-filename
(setq filename (expand-file-name default-filename filename))
(error "%s is a directory" filename)))
(when (or (not (file-exists-p filename))
(y-or-n-p (format "File `%s' exists; overwrite? "
(let ((buffer-file-coding-system 'binary)
(coding-system-for-write 'binary)
;; auto-compress-mode$B$r(Bdisable$B$K$9$k(B
(inhibit-file-name-operation 'write-region)
(inhibit-file-name-handlers (cons 'jka-compr-handler
(insert-buffer-substring buf start end)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(if (looking-at navi2ch-base64-line-regexp)
(delete-region (point) (navi2ch-line-beginning-position 2))))
(base64-decode-region (point-min) (point-max))
(write-region (point-min) (point-max) filename)
(if (and susv3 mode)
(condition-case nil
;; 511 = (string-to-number "0777" 8)
(set-file-modes filename (logand mode 511))
(error nil)))))))))
(defun navi2ch-base64-insert-file (filename)
"FILENAME $B$r(B base64 $B%(%s%3!<%I$7!"8=:_$N%]%$%s%H$KA^F~$9$k!#(B"
(interactive "fEncode and insert file: ")
(let ((str nil))
(let ((buffer-file-coding-system 'binary))
(insert-file-contents-literally filename)
(base64-encode-region (point-min) (point-max))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (search-forward "\n" nil t)
(replace-match ""))
(goto-char (point-min))
(insert (format "%s(%s)\n" navi2ch-base64-begin-delimiter
(file-name-nondirectory filename)))
(while (= (move-to-column navi2ch-base64-fill-column)
(insert "\n"))
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert (format "\n%s\n" navi2ch-base64-end-delimiter))
(setq str (buffer-string))))
(insert str))))
(defun navi2ch-url-to-host (url)
(when url
((string-match "^http://\\([^/]+\\)" url)
(match-string 1 url))
((string-match "^x-localbbs://" url)
(defun navi2ch-read-string (prompt &optional initial-input history)
(let ((minibuffer-allow-text-properties nil))
(read-string prompt initial-input history)))
(defun navi2ch-temp-directory ()
(let ((dir (expand-file-name "tmp" navi2ch-directory)))
(or (file-directory-p dir)
(make-directory dir))
(defun navi2ch-strip-properties (obj)
"OBJ $BCf$NJ8;zNs$r:F5"E*$KC5$7!"%F%-%9%HB0@-$r30$7$?%*%V%8%'%/%H$rJV$9!#(B
$B85$N(B OBJ $B$OJQ99$7$J$$!#(B"
((consp obj)
(let* ((ret (cons (car obj) (cdr obj)))
(seq ret))
;; $BD9$$%j%9%H$r%3%T!<$9$k:]$K%9%?%C%/%*!<%P!<%U%m!<$K$J$k$N$G(B
;; $B:F5"$r%k!<%W$KE83+!#(B
(while (consp seq)
(setcar seq (navi2ch-strip-properties (car seq)))
(if (consp (cdr seq))
(setcdr seq (cons (cadr seq) (cddr seq)))
(setcdr seq (navi2ch-strip-properties (cdr seq))))
(setq seq (cdr seq)))
((stringp obj)
(let ((str (copy-sequence obj)))
(set-text-properties 0 (length str) nil str)
((vectorp obj)
(vconcat (mapcar 'navi2ch-strip-properties obj)))
(t obj)))
(defun navi2ch-update-html-tag-regexp ()
"`navi2ch-replace-html-tag-regexp-internal' $B$r99?7$9$k!#(B"
(setq navi2ch-replace-html-tag-regexp-internal
(nconc (mapcar (lambda (x)
(cons (regexp-quote (car x))
(cdr x)))
(defun navi2ch-add-replace-html-tag (tag value)
"TAG $B$rI=<($9$k:]$K(B VALUE $B$GCV$-49$($k!#(B"
(let ((as-regexp (condition-case nil
;; $BJ8;zNs$K$h$C$F$O(B regexp-opt-group() $B$,L58B(B
;; $B:F5"$K$J$k(B
(regexp-opt (list "$B$"(B" tag))
(error t))))
(if as-regexp
(navi2ch-add-replace-html-tag-regexp (regexp-quote tag) value)
(add-to-list 'navi2ch-replace-html-tag-alist
(cons tag value))
(defun navi2ch-add-replace-html-tag-regexp (regexp value)
"REGEXP $B$K%^%C%A$9$k(B tag $B$rI=<($9$k:]$K(B VALUE $B$GCV$-49$($k!#(B"
(add-to-list 'navi2ch-replace-html-tag-regexp-alist
(cons regexp value))
(defsubst navi2ch-filename-to-url (filename)
(concat "file://" (expand-file-name filename)))
(defun navi2ch-chop-/ (dirname)
(if (string-match "/\\'" dirname)
(replace-match "" nil t dirname)
(defsubst navi2ch-rename-file (file newname &optional ok-if-already-exists)
(rename-file (navi2ch-chop-/ file)
(navi2ch-chop-/ newname) ok-if-already-exists))
(defalias 'navi2ch-set-keymap-default-binding
(if (fboundp 'set-keymap-default-binding)
(lambda (map command)
(define-key map [t] command)))))
;;; $B%m%C%/(B
;; $B:G$bHFMQE*$J(B mkdir $B%m%C%/$r<BAu$7$F$_$?!#(B
;; DIRECTORY $B$K(B LOCKNAME $B$H$$$&%G%#%l%/%H%j$,$"$k>l9g$O$=$N%G%#%l%/%H%j$O(B
;; $B%m%C%/$5$l$F$$$k$H$$$&$3$H$K$J$k!#(B
(defun navi2ch-lock-directory (directory &optional lockname)
"LOCKNAME $B$r;H$$!"(BDIRECTORY $B$r%m%C%/$9$k!#(B
LOCKNAME $B$,>JN,$5$l$?>l9g$O(B \"lockdir\" $B$r;HMQ$9$k!#(B
LOCKNAME $B$,@dBP%Q%9$G$O$J$$>l9g!"(BDIRECTORY $B$+$i$NAjBP%Q%9$H$7$F07$&!#(B
$B%m%C%/$K@.8y$7$?$i(B non-nil $B$r!"<:GT$7$?$i(B nil $B$rJV$9!#(B"
(setq lockname (navi2ch-chop-/ (expand-file-name (or lockname "lockdir")
directory (file-name-directory lockname))
(let ((make-directory-function (if (fboundp 'make-directory-internal)
(if (not (file-exists-p lockname)) ; lockdir $B$,$9$G$K$"$k$H<:GT(B
(condition-case error
(and (progn
;; $B$^$:!"?F%G%#%l%/%H%j$r:n$C$F$*$/!#(B
(unless (file-directory-p directory)
(make-directory directory t))
(file-directory-p directory))
;; file-name-handler-alist $B$,$"$k$H(B mkdir $B$,D>@\8F(B
;; $B$P$l$J$$2DG=@-$,$"$k!#(B
(let ((file-name-handler-alist nil))
(funcall make-directory-function lockname))
(file-exists-p lockname))) ; $BG0$N$?$a!"3NG'$7$F$*$/(B
(message "%s" (error-message-string error))
(sit-for 3)
(defun navi2ch-unlock-directory (directory &optional lockname)
"LOCKNAME $B$r;H$$!"(BDIRECTORY $B$N%m%C%/$r2r=|$9$k!#(B
LOCKNAME $B$,>JN,$5$l$?>l9g$O(B \"lockdir\" $B$r;HMQ$9$k!#(B
LOCKNAME $B$,@dBP%Q%9$G$O$J$$>l9g!"(BDIRECTORY $B$+$i$NAjBP%Q%9$H$7$F07$&!#(B
$B%m%C%/$N2r=|$K@.8y$7$?$i(B non-nil $B$r!"<:GT$7$?$i(B nil $B$rJV$9!#(B"
(setq lockname (navi2ch-chop-/ (expand-file-name (or lockname "lockdir")
(delete-directory lockname))
(not (file-exists-p lockname)))
(defsubst navi2ch-count-lines-file (file)
(insert-file-contents file)
(count-lines (point-min) (point-max))))
(defalias 'navi2ch-float-time
(if (fboundp 'float-time)
(lambda (&optional specified-time)
"Return the current time, as a float number of seconds since the epoch.
If an argument is given, it specifies a time to convert to float
instead of the current time."
(apply (lambda (high low &optional usec)
(+ (* high 65536.0) low (/ (or usec 0) 1000000.0)))
(or specified-time (current-time))))))
(defalias 'navi2ch-make-local-hook
(if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
(defalias 'navi2ch-cache-p #'vectorp))
(defun navi2ch-compare-times (t1 t2)
"T1 $B$,(B T2 $B$h$j?7$7$1$l$P(B non-nil $B$rJV$9!#(B"
(> (navi2ch-float-time t1) (navi2ch-float-time t2)))
(defun navi2ch-add-days-to-time (time days)
"TIME $B$N(B DAYS $BF|8e(B ($BIi$N>l9g$OA0(B) $B$N(B TIME $B$rJV$9!#(B"
(let ((decoded (decode-time time)))
(setf (nth 3 decoded) (+ (nth 3 decoded) days))
(apply #'encode-time decoded)))
(defun navi2ch-which (file)
(when (stringp file)
(catch 'loop
(dolist (path exec-path)
(setq path (expand-file-name file path))
(dolist (candidate (list path (concat path ".exe")))
(when (and (file-exists-p candidate)
(file-executable-p candidate)
(not (file-directory-p candidate)))
(throw 'loop candidate)))))))
(defun navi2ch-union (list1 list2)
"Combine LIST1 and LIST2.
This function is a cutdown version of cl-seq's one."
(cond ((null list1) list2) ((null list2) list1)
((equal list1 list2) list1)
(t (dolist (x list2)
(unless (member x list1)
(setq list1 (cons x list1))))
(defun navi2ch-set-difference (list1 list2)
"Combine LIST1 and LIST2.
This function is a cutdown version of cl-seq's one."
(if (or (null list1) (null list2)) list1
(let ((res nil))
(dolist (x list1)
(unless (member x list2)
(setq res (cons x res))))
(defun navi2ch-expand-newtext (newtext original)
(substring (replace-match newtext (not case-fold-search) nil original)
(match-beginning 0)
(and (< (match-end 0) (length original))
(- (match-end 0) (length original)))))
(defun navi2ch-fuzzy-regexp (string &optional kana-fold-search regexp)
"STRING $B$KBP$7!"A43Q$HH>3Q$r6hJL$;$:%^%C%A$9$k$h$&$J@55,I=8=$rJV$9!#(B
$B$=$N:](B `case-fold-search' $B$,(B non-nil $B$J$i!"A43Q1Q;z$bBgJ8;z$H>.J8;z$N(B
KANA-FOLD-SEARCH $B$K(B non-nil $B$r;XDj$9$k$H!"$R$i$,$J$H%+%?%+%J$b6hJL$7$J(B
REGEXP $B$r;XDj$9$k$H!"@55,I=8=$N@8@.$K@hN)$A(B REGEXP $B$K%^%C%A$7$?J8;zNs(B
$B$r(B REGEXP $B$KCV$-49$($k!#(B
$B$=$l$K$h$j!"Nc$($P(B REGEXP $B$K(B \"[$B!!(B \\f\\t\\n\\r\\v]+\" $B$rM?$($k$H6uGr$d2~9T$N(B
(let ((default-case-fold-search case-fold-search))
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create " *Navi2ch fuzzy work*")
(insert string)
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((last (point)))
(while (progn
(while (and regexp
(not (eobp))
(looking-at regexp)
(< last (match-end 0)))
(insert "\\(?:" regexp "\\)")
(delete-char (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0)))
(setq last (point)))
(not (eobp)))
(let ((char (following-char))
prop next slot)
((and (setq prop (get-char-code-property char 'kana-composition))
(setq next (or (char-after (1+ (point))) 0))
(setq slot (assq next prop)))
((eq (char-charset char) 'katakana-jisx0201)
;; (char = $BH>3Q%+%J(B) + (next = $BH>3QByE@Ey(B)
;; (cdr slot) = $BA43Q%+%J(B
(let (hira)
(if (and kana-fold-search
(setq hira
(get-char-code-property (cdr slot) 'hiragana)))
(if (stringp hira)
(insert "\\(?:" char next
"\\|" (cdr slot) "\\|" hira "\\)")
(insert "\\(?:" char next
"\\|[" (cdr slot) hira "]\\)"))
(insert "\\(?:" char next "\\|" (cdr slot) "\\)")))
(delete-char 2))
;; (char = $B$R$i$,$J(B) + (next = $BA43QByE@Ey(B)
;; (cdr slot) = $BA43Q%+%J(B
(insert "\\(?:" char next "\\|"
(get-char-code-property char 'jisx0201)
(get-char-code-property next 'jisx0201)
"\\|" (cdr slot) "\\)")
(delete-char 2))
((or (setq prop (get-char-code-property char 'jisx0201))
(eq (char-charset char) 'katakana-jisx0201))
(let (kata)
((null prop)
;; char = $BH>3Q%+%J(B
(setq kata (get-char-code-property char 'jisx0208))
(let (hira)
(if (and kana-fold-search
(setq hira (get-char-code-property char
(insert ?\[ char kata hira ?\])
(insert ?\[ char kata ?\])))
(delete-char 1))
((null (setq kata (get-char-code-property char 'katakana)))
;; char = $BA43Q%+%J!"(Bprop = $BH>3Q%+%J(B
(let (hira)
(if (and kana-fold-search
(setq hira (get-char-code-property char
((stringp hira)
(insert "\\(?:" char "\\|" hira "\\|" prop "\\)"))
((stringp prop)
(insert "\\(?:[" char hira "]\\|" prop "\\)"))
(insert ?\[ char hira prop ?\])))
(if (stringp prop)
(insert "\\(?:" char "\\|" prop "\\)")
(insert ?\[ char prop ?\]))))
(delete-char 1))
;; char = $B$R$i$,$J!"(Bprop = $BH>3Q%+%J!"(Bkata = $BA43Q%+%J(B
(if (stringp prop)
(insert "\\(?:[" char kata "]\\|" prop "\\)")
(insert ?\[ char kata prop ?\]))
(delete-char 1))
((and (eq (char-charset char) 'ascii)
(setq prop (get-char-code-property char 'jisx0208)))
;; char = $BH>3Q1Q?t!"(Bprop = $BA43Q1Q?t(B
(if (or (not case-fold-search)
(eq (upcase char) (downcase char)))
(if (memq char '(?- ?^))
(insert ?\[ prop char ?\])
(insert ?\[ char prop ?\]))
(insert ?\[ char
(get-char-code-property (upcase char) 'jisx0208)
(get-char-code-property (downcase char) 'jisx0208)
(delete-char 1))
((setq prop (get-char-code-property char 'ascii))
;; char = $BA43Q1Q?t!"(Bprop = $BH>3Q1Q?t(B
(if (or (not case-fold-search)
(eq (upcase prop) (downcase prop)))
(if (eq prop ?\])
(insert ?\[ prop char ?\])
(insert ?\[ char prop ?\]))
(insert ?\[
(get-char-code-property (upcase prop) 'jisx0208)
(get-char-code-property (downcase prop) 'jisx0208)
prop ?\]))
(delete-char 1))
(defun navi2ch-apply-filters (board filter-list)
(dolist (filter filter-list)
(if (stringp (car-safe filter))
(apply 'navi2ch-call-process-buffer
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(if (eq x 'board)
(cdr (assq 'id board))
(funcall filter))))
;; shut up byte-compile warnings
(navi2ch-defalias-maybe 'keywordp 'ignore)
(navi2ch-defalias-maybe 'characterp 'ignore))
(defun navi2ch-quote-maybe (sexp)
"Quote SEXP iff it is not self quoting."
;; `custom-quote'$B$N%Q%/$j!#(B
(if (or (memq sexp '(t nil))
(if (fboundp 'keywordp)
(keywordp sexp)
(and (symbolp sexp)
(eq (aref (symbol-name sexp) 0) ?:)))
(eq (car-safe sexp) 'lambda)
(stringp sexp)
(numberp sexp)
(and (fboundp 'characterp)
(characterp sexp))
(vectorp sexp)
(bit-vector-p sexp)))
(list 'quote sexp)))
(defun navi2ch-right-align-strings (s1 s2)
(let* ((l (max (length s1) (length s2)))
(f (format "%%%ds" l)))
(list (format f s1) (format f s2))))
(defun navi2ch-right-aligned-string< (s1 s2)
(apply #'string< (navi2ch-right-align-strings s1 s2)))
(defstruct (navi2ch-regexp-internal
(:constructor navi2ch-make-regexp-internal)
(:copier nil) (:type vector))
(defalias 'navi2ch-regexp-internal-p #'vectorp))
(defun navi2ch-regexp-alist-to-internal (regexp-alist)
(if (navi2ch-regexp-internal-p regexp-alist)
(let ((alist (let ((n 1))
(mapcar (lambda (elt)
(let ((r (concat "\\(" (car elt) "\\)")))
(list n r elt)
(setq n (+ n (regexp-opt-depth r))))))
:number-list (mapcar #'car alist)
:regexp (mapconcat #'cadr alist "\\|")
:table (navi2ch-alist-to-hash
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(cons (car x)
(caddr x)))
(defun navi2ch-match-regexp-alist-subr (match-function regexp-alist)
"REGEXP-ALIST $B$N3FMWAG$N(B car $B$r@55,I=8=$H$7!"(BMATCH-FUNCTION $B$r8F$S=P$9!#(B
REGEXP-ALIST $BCf$N@55,I=8=$OO"7k$5$l$k$?$a!"@55,I=8=Cf$N(B \\$B?t;zEy$N(B
back reference $B$OM-8z$KF0:n$7$J$$!#(B
`navi2ch-regexp-alist-to-internal' $B$r;HMQ$7$F(B REGEXP-ALIST $B$r(B
(let* ((internal (navi2ch-regexp-alist-to-internal regexp-alist))
(number-list (navi2ch-regexp-internal-number-list internal))
(combined-regexp (navi2ch-regexp-internal-regexp internal)))
(when (funcall match-function combined-regexp)
(dolist (n number-list)
(when (match-beginning n)
(return (gethash n (navi2ch-regexp-internal-table internal))))))))
(defun navi2ch-string-match-regexp-alist (regexp-alist string &optional start)
"REGEXP-ALIST $B$N3FMWAG$N(B car $B$r@55,I=8=$H$7!"(B`string-match' $B$r8F$S=P$9!#(B
`match-data' $B$r%^%C%A$7$?@55,I=8=$NJ*$K$7!"%^%C%A$7$?MWAG$rJV$9!#(B
REGEXP-ALIST $B$K$D$$$F$O(B `navi2ch-match-regexp-alist-subr' $B$r;2>H!#(B
STRING START $B$O(B `string-match' $B$K$=$N$^$^EO$5$l$k!#(B"
(let ((matched-elt
(lexical-let ((string string)
(start start))
(navi2ch-match-regexp-alist-subr (lambda (regexp)
(string-match regexp string start))
(when matched-elt
(string-match (car matched-elt) string start))
(defun navi2ch-re-search-forward-regexp-alist
(regexp-alist &optional bound noerror count)
"REGEXP-ALIST $B$N3FMWAG$N(B car $B$r@55,I=8=$H$7!"(B`re-search-forward' $B$r8F$S=P$9!#(B
`match-data' $B$r%^%C%A$7$?@55,I=8=$NJ*$K$7!"%^%C%A$7$?MWAG$rJV$9!#(B
REGEXP-ALIST $B$K$D$$$F$O(B `navi2ch-match-regexp-alist-subr' $B$r;2>H!#(B
BOUND NOERROR COUNT $B$O(B `re-search-forward' $B$K$=$N$^$^EO$5$l$k!#(B"
(let ((matched-elt
((bound bound)
(noerror noerror)
(count count))
(lambda (regexp)
(re-search-forward regexp bound noerror count))
(when matched-elt
(goto-char (match-beginning 0))
(re-search-forward (car matched-elt) bound noerror count))
;; XEmacs $B$G$O(B `char-width' $B$r9MN8$7$F$/$l$J$$$N$G!#(B
(defun navi2ch-truncate-string-to-width
(str end-column &optional start-column padding)
"`truncate-string-to-width' $B$HF1Ey!#(B"
(let ((col 0)
(start-column (or start-column 0))
(dolist (c (string-to-list str))
(when (and (>= col start-column)
(< col end-column))
(push c r)
(setq col (+ col (char-width c)))))
(when padding
(while (and (>= col start-column)
(< col end-column))
(push padding r)
(setq col (+ col (char-width padding)))))
(concat (nreverse r))))
(defun navi2ch-disabled-key ()
(let ((key (this-command-keys)))
(message "%s (%s) is disabled in Navi2ch."
(key-description key)
(lookup-key (current-global-map) key))))
(defun navi2ch-verify-signature-file (signature-file file)
$B@5$7$/8!>Z$G$-$k$H(B non-nil $B$rJV$9!#(B"
(interactive "f$B=pL>%U%!%$%k(B: \nf$B8!>Z%U%!%$%k(B: ")
(let (exitcode)
(setq exitcode
(let ((default-directory (navi2ch-default-directory)))
(call-process shell-file-name nil t nil
(format navi2ch-pgp-verify-command-line
signature-file file))))
(goto-char (point-min))
;; $B8e$+$i(B *Message* $B%P%C%U%!$G;2>H$G$-$k$h$&!"%3%^%s%I=PNO$r$9$Y(B
;; $B$FI=<($7$F$*$/(B
(while (not (eobp))
(let ((s (buffer-substring (navi2ch-line-beginning-position)
(when (> (length s) 0)
(message "%s" s)))
(= exitcode 0)))
(defun navi2ch-decode-coding-region-linewise (start end coding-system)
(narrow-to-region start end)
(let ((bol (point-min)))
(while (< bol (point-max))
(goto-char bol)
;; decode $BA08e$G(B (navi2ch-line-end-position) $B$NCM$,$:$l$k$N$KCm0U(B
(decode-coding-region bol (navi2ch-line-end-position) coding-system)
(goto-char bol) ; $BG0$N$?$a(B
(setq bol (1+ (navi2ch-line-end-position))))))
(goto-char start))
(if (fboundp 'propertize)
(defalias 'navi2ch-propertize 'propertize)
(defun navi2ch-propertize (string &rest properties)
"Return a copy of STRING with text properties added.
First argument is the string to copy.
Remaining arguments form a sequence of PROPERTY VALUE pairs for text
properties to add to the result."
(let ((str (copy-sequence string)))
(add-text-properties 0 (length str)
(defsubst navi2ch-read-only-string (string &optional front-nonsticky)
(navi2ch-propertize string
'read-only t
'front-sticky (not front-nonsticky)
'rear-nonsticky t))
(defsubst navi2ch-file-mtime (filename)
(nth 5 (file-attributes filename)))
(defsubst navi2ch-file-size (filename)
(nth 7 (file-attributes filename)))
(defsubst navi2ch-make-cache (&optional limit test)
(vector limit
(apply #'make-hash-table
(append (list :rehash-threshold 0.9)
(and limit
(integerp limit)
(not (zerop limit))
(list :size (1+ limit)))
(and test
(list :test test))))))
(defun navi2ch-cache-put (key val cache)
(let ((limit (navi2ch-cache-limit cache))
(table (navi2ch-cache-hash-table cache)))
(puthash key val table)
(when (and limit
(<= (hash-table-count table) limit))
(clrhash table)))))
(defsubst navi2ch-cache-remove (key cache)
(remhash key (navi2ch-cache-hash-table cache)))
;; from emacs-w3m
(defun navi2ch-url-encode-string (str &optional coding encode-space)
(apply (function concat)
(lambda (ch)
((eq ch ?\n) ; newline
((string-match "[-a-zA-Z0-9_:/.]" (char-to-string ch)) ; xxx?
(char-to-string ch)) ; printable
((and (char-equal ch ?\x20); space
(format "%%%02X" ch)))) ; escape
;; Coerce a string into a list of chars.
(append (encode-coding-string (or str "")
(or coding
(defalias 'navi2ch-number-sequence
(if (fboundp 'number-sequence)
(lambda (from to)
(let ((n from)
(while (<= n to)
(setq result (cons n result))
(setq n (1+ n)))
(nreverse result))))))
(defsubst navi2ch-eq-or-memq (item maybe-list)
(if (listp maybe-list)
(memq item maybe-list)
(eq item maybe-list)))
(defmacro navi2ch-region-active-p ()
"Say whether the region is active."
(if (fboundp 'region-active-p)
(list 'region-active-p)
(list 'and 'transient-mark-mode 'mark-active)))
(run-hooks 'navi2ch-util-load-hook)
;;; navi2ch-util.el ends here