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The hacker's profile downloader for your terminal

Prints how to use this service.

$ curl

Prints names of all users.

$ curl

Prints a user's profile.

$ curl[username]

Prints a user's profile like man.

$ curl[username]/man

Prints a specific item of a user's profile.

$ curl[username]/[item]

Signup you with name, password and any infos. Name and password are required.

$ curl -X POST -d 'name=[yourname]' -d 'password=[password]' [-d '[field]=[value]']

Update your profile. Password is required.

$ curl -X PUT -d 'password=[password]' [-d '[field]=[value]'][yourname]

If you want to delete items, update the values of the items into blank. For example, if you want to delete foo item, you will only run a command like this:

$ curl -X PUT -d 'password=[password]' -d 'foo='[yourname]

Delete your profile. Password is required.

$ curl -X DELETE -d 'password=[password]'[yourname]
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