CSV parser for Swift
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Simple CSV parsing, for OSX and iOS.


CSV content can be loaded using the CSV class:

// As a string
let csv = CSV(string: "id,name,age\n1,Alice,18")
// With a custom delimiter character
let tsv = CSV(string: "id\tname\tage\n1\tAlice\t18", delimiter: "\t")
// From a file (with errors)
do {
    let csv = try CSV(name: "users.csv")
} catch {
    // Catch errors or something
// With a custom delimiter, errors, and custom encoding
do {
    let tsv = try CSV(name: "users.tsv", delimiter: tab, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding)
} catch {
    // Error handling

If you don't care about the columns, you can set the loadColumns argument to false and the columns Dictionary will not be populated.

Reading Data

Works just like the original:

let csv = CSV(string: "id,name,age\n1,Alice,18\n2,Bob,19")
csv.header    //=> ["id", "name", "age"]
csv.rows      //=> [["id": "1", "name": "Alice", "age": "18"], ["id": "2", "name": "Bob", "age": "19"]]
csv.columns   //=> ["id": ["1", "2"], "name": ["Alice", "Bob"], "age": ["18", "19"]]

The rows can also parsed and passed to a block on the fly, reducing the memory needed to store the whole lot in an array:

// Access each row as an array (array not guaranteed to be equal length to the header)
csv.enumerateAsArray { array in
// Access them as a dictionary
csv.enumerateAsDict { dict in



pod "SwiftCSV"


github "naoty/SwiftCSV"