Util library with basic functions. Everybody is a little bit lazy :)
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Util library with basic functions. Everybody is a little bit lazy :)


Method Basic Call Description
microtime sharp.microtime() Returns microtime
today sharp.today() Returns a String formatted date
random sharp.random(1, 5) Returns a random number between range
trim sharp.trim(' hello ') Returns the trimmed String
inArray sharp.inArray('apple', ['lemon', 'orange', 'apple']) Returns true if exists and false if not
isBoolean sharp.isBoolean(myVar) Checks if a variable is boolean
isString sharp.isString(myVar) Checks if a variable is string
isObject sharp.isObject(myVar) Checks if a variable is object
isNull sharp.isNull(myVar) Checks if a variable is null
escape sharp.escape(myText) Replace sensible characters
stripTags sharp.stripTags(myText) Strips all HTML tags (allowed tags in the second parameter)
capitalize sharp.capitalize(myText) Capitalizes a string
dump sharp.dump(myArray) Similar to var_dump from PHP
functionExists sharp.functionExists('myFunction') Checks if a function exists
merge sharp.merge(obj1, obj2) Merges two objects
escapeHTML sharp.escapeHTML('<b>Hi!</b>') Escapes HTML characters (Ex: <)
fade sharp.fade('#someDiv', 2000, 'in') Fade selected elements
map sharp.map([1, 2, 3], function(e){ return e*e; }) Map an array
select sharp.select('.myClass') Selection of DOM elements
diffDays sharp.diffDays(date1, date2) Difference in days between two dates
uniqueArray sharp.uniqueArray(myArray) Remove duplicate entries in an array
highlight sharp.highlight(text, words) Highlights words in a text
size sharp.size(object) Size of an object
cloneObject sharp.cloneObject(object) Clones an object
htmlentities sharp.htmlentities(text) PHP htmlentities like