Pacman Live is a Pacman clone with the game played in real life! We track you in realtime via your data-enabled, GPS equipped smartphone using any real life area as the game field and four other players - and make it seamless for you. We also provide you the ability to rewatch previous matches, earn achievements, and to have a good time!
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Design of the Project
We implemented a game of Pacman in real-life with real people using an arbitrary geographical location. 
What we added into the original game of pacman is that users can actually interact with the game and have real ÒfunÓ. 
By interacting with real geographical location into the game, users find the real feeling of ÒpacmanÓ and ÒghostÓ. 
We would like to make a game that is more interactive, fun and being able to play with friends. 
All commercial and free pacman games are played on a game machine or on the Internet. 
Our geographical integration into the game is very unique and easy to play and understand.

Project Features

-Core game logic (Umbrella feature)
	-Position tracking (GPS) 
	-Enforcement of game boundaries
	-Collision detection and handling between ghosts and dots on the map. 
	-Modified starting conditions: instead of staggered release, players are free to position themselves wherever. 
	-Pacman starts powered up to discourage attempts of boxing Pacman in at game start.
-Game generation 
	-Generation of dots & powerups. 
	-Password protected games.
-Game browser displaying list of open games. 
	-Games can be rejoined.
-User accounts 
	-Statistics (Only total distance is not implemented) Leaderboards
	-Top player gets his avatar displayed 

Indication of Work done by Group Members
Stephen Ð most views, general site look & feel, game core logic implementation, user statistic tracking 
Naoya Ð Games Lobby, controller for generating objects, authentication, validating views, testing 
Juhan Ð Replays controller and handling mechanism 
Brandon Ð new game creation
Bernard Ð game core logic, geolocation

Future Work 
	-Augmented Reality
	-Height awareness 
	-Increasing player capacity, multiple pacman, restricting players to specified paths on game board (roads, intersections, etc) 
	-Compression on client-server communications 
	-Recognize current location at the creation of a game so that a box is automatically surrounded by a userÕs current location 
	-Recognize an user access by a mobile phone, adjusting UI accordingly

Self Deployment Instructions


* Ruby on Rails
* ImageMagic + it's requirements
* Sendmail
* mySQL

Deployment is done via Passenger on Apache. Base URL's in javascript files toggle.js and update.js must be configured appropriately.