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NAPALM Automation Community Drivers

A central collection of community-driven plugins for NAPALM. Contact us to submit a new driver!

Popular repositories

  1. napalm-ros napalm-ros Public

    MikroTik RouterOS NAPALM driver

    Python 92 39

  2. napalm-huawei-vrp napalm-huawei-vrp Public

    NAPALM Driver for Huawei VRP5/VRP8 Routers and Switches

    Python 74 25

  3. napalm-vyos napalm-vyos Public

    NAPALM Driver for the VyOS

    Python 37 29

  4. napalm-ce napalm-ce Public

    NAPALM driver for Huawei CloudEngine switch.

    Python 35 25

  5. napalm-fortios napalm-fortios Public

    Python 30 27

  6. napalm-panos napalm-panos Public

    NAPALM driver for PAN-OS

    Python 26 34


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