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As napalm-ros uses API, several caveats exist.

  • No safe mode (not exposed via API). There is no commit, rollback.
  • API is not versioned so things may break when routeros is upgraded.

Missing features.

This driver does not implement any configuration management. Config management on mikrotik is different than on cisco, juniper etc. which provide config replace. You provide a plain text config file and replace running config with that. MikroTik does not have this. Some menu paths (eg. /ip address) do not have any order in which entries appear. Only one unique ip address can exist within a VRF. In some paths (eg. /ip firewall filter) order matter.

Implemented getters

  • get_arp_table
  • get_interfaces_counters
  • get_environment
  • get_facts
  • get_interfaces
  • get_interfaces_ip
  • get_ntp_servers
  • get_snmp_information
  • get_users
  • get_ipv6_neighbors_table
  • is_alive
  • ping
  • get_lldp_neighbors
  • get_lldp_neighbors_detail
  • get_network_instances
  • get_mac_address_table
  • get_bgp_neighbors
  • get_bgp_neighbors_detail