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== Presentation Of the Shinken project ==
Welcome in the Shinken project.
Shinken is a new, Nagios compatible monitoring tool, written in Python. The main goal of Shinken is to allow users to have a fully flexible architecture for their monitoring system that can easily scale to large environments. It’s as simple as in all the marketing “cloud computing” slides, but here, it’s real!
Shinken is backwards-compatible with the Nagios configuration standard and plugins. It works on any operating system and architecture that supports Python, which includes Windows and GNU/Linux.
== How to install it ==
You just need to add a shinken user (in the shinken group) on your system :
$adduser shinken
=== First way : all in a directory (ugly but quick way ;) )===
Then move the shinken directory and give it to the shinken user :
mv shinken /usr/local
chown -R shinken:shinken /usr/local/shinken
=== Second way : district directory (clean way) ===
You can install really the application by using the script. It
will install the shinken librairy in the python path, create the
/etc/shinken and /var/lib/shinken directory (you can change them
in the setup_parameters.cfg file before launching
You will need the python-setuptools package for it.
Then just run :
sudo python install --install-scripts=/usr/bin/
For the compilation part in both way it's easy : there is no compilation part!
== Dependancies ==
The only dependancies are Python >= 2.4 and the Pyro module.
For 2.4 and 2.5 python version, you will need an additionnal packages :
*multiprocessing from
*for livestatus only: simplejson : and pysqlite
Just untar and launch python install (and be sure to have installed the python-devel package too).
For Python, it should be ok with nearly all distribution.
Under ubuntu, you can grag the Pyro module with :
$ sudo apt-get install pyro
Under other distributions, you can search for it :
$ yum search pyro
And if you do not find it, you can install it from Pypi :
$ easy_install pyro
And that all folks :)
== Where is the configuration ? ==
The configuration is where you put the etc directory (in /usr/local/shinken/etc for a quick and dirty install, /etc/shinken for a clean one).
The nagios.cfg, commons files are like Nagios. All Shinken specific objects (like link to daemons or realms) are in
the shinken-specific.cfg file.
== I need to change the configuration ? ==
Nothing unless somenews hosts and services.
== How to run it ==
===Quick and dirty way ===
It's easy, there is a already launch script for you :
$ /usr/local/shinken/bin/
===Clean way==
The give you some init.d scripts, let use them :)
$ /etc/init.d/shinken-scheduler start
$ /etc/init.d/shinken-poller start
$ /etc/init.d/shinken-reactionner start
$ /etc/init.d/shinken-broker start
$ /etc/init.d/shinken-arbiter start
== Known bugs ==
None we know :)
If you find one, please psot it in our trac site :
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