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download_url() { if [ -x “/usr/bin/curl” ] ; then /usr/bin/curl -# -O $1 elif [ -x “/usr/bin/wget” ] ; then /usr/bin/wget -q $1 else echo “Unable to install Shinken: can’t find wget or curl in /usr/bin.” exit 1 fi }

do_with_root() {

if [ `whoami` = ‘root’ ] ; then $* elif [ -x /bin/sudo -o -x /usr/bin/sudo ] ; then echo echo “Sudo detected, Shinken will request root privileges to” echo “install. You may be prompted for a password. If you prefer to not use” echo “sudo, please re-run this script as root.” echo “sudo $*” sudo $* else echo “Shinken requires root privileges to install. Please re-run this script as” echo “root.” exit 1 fi }

TMPDIR=`mktemp -d -t shinken-install-XXXXXXX` echo echo “Preparing the temporary directory ” $TMPDIR cd “$TMPDIR”

download_url $SHINKEN_URI echo echo “Unziping the Shinken package” $SHINKEN_PACKAGE tar xfz $SHINKEN_PACKAGE cd shinken-*

do_with_root ./install -i do_with_root ./install -p nagios-plugins do_with_root ./install -p check_mem do_with_root ./install -p manubulon do_with_root ./install -a pnp4nagios

echo “Exiting” cd “$CURDIR” rm -rf “$TMPDIR”

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