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To Fronteau Romuald for the logo :)
To Gerhard Lausser for patches, features and the Python Livestatus API
To Icinga guys for theirs sql files!
To David Walsh for mootools!
To Haypo for the Ipy lib!
To Maximilien Bersoult for it's
To Sebastian Reimers for being the first to add a ticket in the Trac, and hunting a lot of bugs :)
To Luke L for reading and correcting the website and the documentation :p
To Nicolas Dupeux for patches, bug fixes, bug reports and the NSCA daemon
To Gregory Starck for his patch about worker typo, and pyro hooks
To David Guénault for the installer, patches, bug fixes, WebUI and more
To David Hannequin for his bug reports and his packages :)
To Danijel Tasov for his repositiry cosmetics patch
To Zoran Zaric for his help on website corrections and for help file typos
To Gilles Seban for is bug report about commands that look like shells
To Hiren Patel for giving a list of shells caracters
To Sven Velt for it's patch about recursive dir load and check timeperiod typo
To Michael Jeanson for the first Shinken Ubuntu LTS package!
To Andreas Karfusehr for his proposition of donation of a Board licence :)
To Hermann Lauer for his help on the hard brok order bug in status.dat!
To Andreas Ericsson for his ideas for service generators
To Degremont Aurelien for his code about NodeSet and how to manage the multiple paterns
To Петров Иван to identify a huge bug on windows
To Hartmut Goebel for his advice on code quality, and for the patches :)
To Gregory Ranchy for his help on the official doc
To Kristoffer Moegle for this patch on arbiter configuration module
To Eric Beaulieu for his help on the ssl certificates, and for the Windows installation script :)
To Laurent Guyon, our best bug hunter :)
To Alan Brenner for his SSL core for the NRPE module
To Venelin Petkov for this bug report about missing customs on services, and the 'print' in name bug problem :)
To Papp Tamas for his bug report of bad python version under ubuntu (and debian)
To Rémi Buisson for his bug report about bad etc/default/shinken file :)
To Julien Toscano for his bug report about bad launch.
To Raynald de Lahondès and the Sibio team for the FreeBSD testing, Tuto and the host dep bug report!
To Hienz Michael for the bug report about bad local_file :)
To Ronny Lindner for the bug report about non host expressions for services
To Olivier Hanesse bug reports, patches and new features
To Markus Elger for this bug report about no schedule retention data
To Vincent Riquer for his bug report about HA installation and sapre broker that stay alive
To Michael Grundmann for his bug report about service host exclusion and void hostgroup
To Jan Kaliszewski for his implementation of sorted dicts
To Claneys Skyne bug reports and patches
To Etienne Obriot for his patch about multiple = in macos values
To obiouane for his bug report about missing object value
To Thibault Cohen for his patches and bug reports
To Carmelle Monkoun for the bug report about Pyro4.8
To Bruno Clermont for the fix in bottle call and the typos
To Stéphane Duchesneau for his work on the file and log/run driectories.
To grim for his bug report about disabling flapping options
To peter woodman for his bug report about timezone override crash
To Laurent Ollagnier for his bug report and patch about notification commands
To sprudhomme for his feature request about long_output in Centreon/Ndo
To Gabor Varga for his patch about the "sc" command for windowns setup :)
To foobar1111 for his ask about fqdn and arbiter matching for hostname
To twellspring for hs bug report about escalation and templates
To Michael Leinartas for his patch about man pages
To Nelson Pascoal for his patch about typos in daemons
To Steve Kieu for his bug report about missing name in Config object
To Victor Igumnov for his patch about Solaris installation
To Thomas Meson for his patch for and 1.0 version :)
To Manicow for his bug report on escalations
To Mocnik Matjaz for his dump of Allied equipement
To Daniel Roche for his bug report for hostdeps and multiple names
To Guillaume Bour (Uperto) for his numerous patches!
To Raphael Doursenaud for his patch about SNI option in https pack
To Forlot Romain for his multiple patches
To Michael Coquard for his patch about and build path
To Akiooutori for his bug report about pyro missing SOCK_REUSE parameter in some os
To Timo Veith for this work on the Wiki refactoring!
To Lars Hansson for this patches about cfg password module and Apache one
To the webui mobile guys: Mael Vincent, julien Pilou, Gael Millet, Damien Mathieu and hugo Viricel for their new webui mobile ui.
To Mathias Fussenegger for his large patch about configuration tab/space resolution.
To banderas07 and Radu Gheorghe for their works on the escalation notification_interval issue!
To Simon Rother for discovering a possible race condition.
To David Laval for his graphite templates on the linux checks
To nerocide for his bug report about bad event handler catch
To for multiple configuration file updates
To raphaeltr for a typo patch on a monitoring pack
To Jan Ulferts for his patch about env macros fix on notifications
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