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Add : Jfbutkiewicz into the THANKS file for his HUGE work on the wind…

…ows installation. Thanks a lot.
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1 parent c73af63 commit 96d53e6e5bd1cab1583eb62985deaaf0f18f97c4 @naparuba committed Nov 13, 2012
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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ To Nicolas Dupeux for patches, bug fixes, bug reports and the NSCA daemon
To Gregory Starck for his patch about worker typo, and pyro hooks
To David Guénault for the installer, patches, bug fixes, WebUI and more
To David Hannequin for his bug reports and his packages :)
+To Jfbutkiewicz for his full windows management (installation and services!!)
To Danijel Tasov for his repositiry cosmetics patch
To Zoran Zaric for his help on website corrections and for help file typos
To Gilles Seban for is bug report about commands that look like shells
@@ -81,4 +82,4 @@ To Rémi Sauvat for his patch about dashboard automatic widget refresh
To chris81 for his patch for graphite API URLs
To maethor and scaminad for reporting IMAP/POPS missing port
To Florent Houbart for this bug fix on LiveStatus+NagVis
-To olc and ppj for the arbiter spare bug report
+To olc and ppj for the arbiter spare bug report

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