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Update etc/shinken-specific.cfg

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1 parent c6e3790 commit a2bccc02743446df5cb7ab10ce0ea632fbf3e053 @xkilian xkilian committed
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8 etc/shinken-specific.cfg
@@ -551,6 +551,14 @@ define module {
module_name mongologs
module_type logstore_mongodb
mongodb_uri mongodb://localhost/?safe=true ; Set to your value
+ # If you are running a MongoDB cluster (called a “replica set” in MongoDB),
+ # you need to specify it's name here.
+ # With this option set, you can also write the mongodb_uri as a comma-separated
+ # list of host:port items. (But one is enough, it will be used as a “seed”)
+ #replica_set
+ #database
+ #collection
+ #max_logs_age
## Module: nulllogs

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