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Introduction to Advanced Ruby

The Ruby programming language is really powerful, but if you don't dig too deep beyond what basic Rails applications can do, you'll miss out on a lot of useful tools that you could be using to make your apps better.

This repository has code examples that attempt to explain these basic concepts. Each example has tests so you know things are working properly.

We'll cover

  • send and respond_to?

  • Blocks

  • Lambdas

  • Adding methods with monkeypatches vs modules

  • Overriding methods with monkeypatching vs modules

  • Putting it all together, using these elements to build an “interface”

Each file in this repository has detailed comments that walk you through the concepts, followed by tests and code that you can explore.


MIT. Copyright 2010 Brian P. Hogan. See the license file.

Also, this code is for demonstration purposes. There's nothing production-ready in this repository.

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