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* 0.6.3 - Updated components to JRuby 1.7 and Sinatra 1.3.2, updated ActiveRecord to 3.2.2.
* - Not a public release - just internal changes to prepare for the next major version. Merged Jetty branch and Winstone branch together, created Rake tasks to build both versions for side-by-side testing
* 0.6.2 - The ID for the textarea for product descriptions now matches the label.
* 0.6.1 - Changed POST and PUT api actions to return the newly-created object attributes along with the message and status boolean. This helps Backbone.js work out of the box with creates and retreiving the model ID.
* 0.6.0 - Replaced Winstone with Jetty to fix the intermittent truncation errors.
* 0.5.6 - Fixed update API to use a correct RESTful URL. Updated binary to use JRuby 1.6.2.
* 0.5.5 - Added support for JSON in the request body to support Backbone.js's default model behavior. Returns proper 500 status codes for create and update failures with JSON, and places error messages in the JSON responses when errors occur.
* 0.5.0 - Removed root element from JSON responses to support Backbone.js and other frameworks. Added JSON-P support. Pass the `?callback=foo` query param to have JSON-P returned instead.
* 0.4.0 - Edit/update of products, creation and modification of categories, and association of products to categories, cleanup of user interface and stylesheets, changed startup to be less verbose, and added reloading in development mode, making it much easier to develop.
* 0.3.1 - User interface tweaks, navigation, error messages
* 0.3.0 - Changed behavior of database. Now it uses the existing database and if you want to reset things, you need to delete the `products.sqlite3` file.
* 0.2.0 - Pagination support, default ordering is now newest first, which works better for RSS feeds.
* 0.1.0 - Intitial release.
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