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The Napoleon's Legacy Mod
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nappys-legacy Napoleon's Legacy - North America Update and General Rework
Initial commit


Convert all decision and event files to use spaces instead of tabs

Swap two loading screens since one is a duplicate

Add new frontend background to game

Fix infinite infamy when Peru claims Bolivia

Clean up ACW.txt
Pretty up USA_oob.txt

Recolor most of the UI

Add more recolorings
Add Scottish as an accepted culture of the British Union
Start gradual process of file reformatting

Give CAN control of 2126-Bourbon
Rename Lake Bourbon to Lake Napoleon when picking a name for the Lake
Make game camera start at the position of Paris

Start progress on porting to lastest HPM

Fix all black lines in the map

Merge A-B HPM countries

Port all HPM country histories over

Merge HPM population data over

Merge HPM African province history

Merge HPM province histories from asia to china

Merge the rest of the province history files from HPM

Merge HPM oob's

Merge HPM common directory

Merge HPM flags, inventions, technology, units, and hopefully the correct positions

Fix HUD ownership of Oregon
Start moving regions around
Fix decisions ugliness

Merge HPM localisation

Merge HPM decisions

Merge all HPM events and start to prepare for more cleaning up

Merge HPM map folder and fix some province position info

Remove useless files
Correct small map mistakes

Add a python script to quickly install the mod into the game directory

Fix some decision mistakes
Update province histories
Correct map regions
Have governements without a current government start with one now, such as BRI

Correct province positions for hopefully all provinces

Fix a good amount of inconsistencies

Search for potential bugs and remove them

Hopefully fix more errors due to poor merging

Merge HPM technologies folder

Update Illinois Confederation population information
Give the British Empire ownership of the Oregon country

Write a python file cleaner

Write a better cleanup program

Prepare for complete rework of North America

Remove events that are unlikely to happen as a result of the War of 1812 loss

Remove all unlikely events as a result of the POD
Remove some decisions, rest will be removed soon
Adjust British Empire OOB

Start reshaping the North American continent

Give Alabama the Florida panhandle

Correct new provinces positions

Remove Yankees from the USA where they would unlikely be
Change up the regions and provinces of the Native Confederation (renamed back)

Update Native Confederation population values to be higher
Update the Native Confederation OOB
Fix small mistake with Pensacola not being renamed to prov 128 (formerly wichita)
Give Texas all of its claims before game start
Remove unlikely decisions in preparation for the remaking of Manifest Destiny

Redo Manifest Destiny

Revert all UI changes

Rework Oregon Treaty
Give the British Empire most of the HBC's land for ease in modding

Give the British Empire more naval bases

Make the USA antagonistic towards HUD
Make the coronation of Queen Victoria follow the divergence of the mod

Remove cores that shouldn't exist in the Mughal Empire
Remove Baluchistan as a core of India
Remove  decision for the EIC

Hopefully fix all issues with game crashing on Loading Databases II

Remove carlism invention

Add content to
Add which describes the history of the mod until game start

Adjust history link sentence

Make small updates to and the

Make small adjustment to positions.txt

Write first phase of American Civil War

Give independence to the Philippines

Make Philippines uncivilized and at 50% civilization progress
Give the Philippines the rest of the Spanish East Indies

Make Cuba independent
Have Spain annex Peru since that is more likely
Remove truces in Arabia

Write events for the split of the Native Confederation and final phase of the American Civil War (WIP)

Create Louisiana tag and Acadian culture
Adapt some events and decision for Louisiana

Change Oregon Treaty triggers

Write localization for ACW events and Native Confederation (WIP)

Add some ai_chance's and some placeholder pictures

Current changes

Finalize branch for USA defeating NEN in the final war, localization (WIP)

Have the Native Confederation retain its cores

update python files to use a linter and actually remove crlf on windows

Remove two anti-slavery events in the United States, they should be a slavocracy
Add Columbia (COL) back into the mod with their cores for the ACW and 54-40 chain
Make California primary Dixie
Prepare to finish new ACW event chain (need to debug)
Refactor installer and cleanup scripts a little bit

Add event for when the British choose to remain in North America

Run a lot through the validator

Remove Poland's cores from Galicia-Lodomeria
Attempt to fix the Coalition of Nations from having shadow troops
Remove OOB from DEN, have Denmark-Norway have abolished slavery

Make small corrections to provinces.bmp in North America

Remove Cologne, Sigmaringen, and the Palatinate.
Add the Rhineland to replace the countries with cores on it.
Add some missing localization for the mod.
Update some positions.

Remove OST - Ostfriesland
Add Argentina-Bolivia border treaty
Fix Munster starting party
Add Westport to Ireland as a treaty port
Fix Greek rebellion
Give Poland-Lithuania land under the Daugava river
Fix Ireland's technology
Don't release Holstein as an OPM if the AFA wins
Add a guaranteed trigger for Lucca's annexation at 1855 if nothing
Fix Persia and the Ottoman Empire getting Russian cores added to them as
a result of the Circassian situation
Remove German Empire cores on Duchy of Prussia land
Make small localization changes

Give Poland-Lithuania Galicia-Lodomeria
Give Bavaria Austrian Tirol
Remove the South Tirol region
Make borders for Illyria and Danzig more accurate
Fix reds in Poland-Lithuanian OOB
Remove events and decisions pertaining to Galicia-Lodomeria
Make small correction to Argentia-Bolivia border in preparation for the
fix to their border as a result of PBC not existing

Merge HPM

Remove flemish culture
Create rhenish culture
Increase french pops throughout the country
Remove the Luxembourg tag

Change starting scenario for South Africa
Remove unused/useless tags

Move all boer pops to South Africa
Mark South Africa as an immigrant receiving country, remove the event
that aids them
Further buff french pops in Catalonia, the Left Bank, Italy, and add
token french pops to Brussels, Antwerp, and Amsterdam

Adjust polish and lithuanian pops in Poland-Lithuania
Remove the Dutch from the East Indies
Move the EIC capital to Singapore and remove Point Pedro
Make sure the HBC doesnt bankrupt the Empire when dissolved

Remove swiss culture
Break the Switzerland region up
Move the Swiss capital to Zurich
Fix some climate mistakes

Remove byelorussian culture, rename ukrainian to ruthenian
Remove the BYE and RUT tags,
Change up cores with Lithuania and Ruthenia (former Ukraine)
Adjust stop_poland_lithuania decision to not include Lithuanian cores
Make Lugano contain all correct north_italian pops in provinces.bmp

Have La Plata exist at game start.
Remove the ARC, SBA, ENT, and CRT tags.

Allow Mexico to seize the Louisiana territory.
Move mod decisions relevant to Spain to their own file.
Fix small mistake where the USA would turn into a monarchy.
Fix small mistake with Argentina's cores and Bolivia unreleasable.
Remove some unused decision localization.

Clean up and recorrect Poland-Lithuania's decisions for cores.
Update CAN_oob and BRI_oob to have better leaders.
Update the British Empire's population to have more British immigrants.
Change Ulster to have a much larger Irish majority due to exiting
British pops.
Return France some of its African colonies.
Add decision for the PLC to accept Ruthenians.
Update PLC_oob.txt to have generals.
Add decision for Mexico to take Louisiana during the MEX-USA war.
Add flavor to South Africa/Xhosa to reduce the opposite country's
population after the resolution of the war.

Add decision for France to claim Geneva (region)
Buff South African baby boom and Xhosan baby boom
Remove RGS tag
Make small correction to Bengal release war

Final updates before release
Remove unwanted tags.
Add flavor for various countries
Fix many nonexistent modifiers
Add prefix to mod events/decision files (in progress)
Make too many small fixes and changes
Latest commit ccabee3 Aug 5, 2019
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Napoleon's Legacy Napoleon's Legacy - North America Update and General Rework Aug 5, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Aug 5, 2019
Napoleon.mod Napoleon's Legacy - North America Update and General Rework Aug 5, 2019 Initial commit Aug 5, 2019 Napoleon's Legacy - North America Update and General Rework Aug 5, 2019

Napoleon's Legacy

An alternate history mod for Victoria 2

Built off of HPM


Either download the mod as a zip folder or copy over the Napoleon's Legacy folder and .mod file to your mod folder.

Or, download the mod via git in your terminal by doing:

git clone --depth=1
cd mod && python

To download the mod before an update is released, change the clone command to:

git clone --depth=1 -b development

or change the branch to development and download as a zip folder.


The events covered by the mod since the POD are documented here.

The history of the mod is open to change as it is developed and the scenario is further developed.


Thanks to the people at /gsg/ for creating a new frontend background, providing feedback on ideas, and just being /gsg/.

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