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1000 ideas, free for everyone

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I was always thrilled by "idea generation mechanism" and how a business like Facebook or Uber or Apple can born from "the brain" of someone... A while ago I've read about the Idea machine from James Altucher and as a programmer I've decided to give to my idea machine a little structure and a way to ensure some sort of quality to my ideas.

This repo serves as container for my ideas.

My ultimate goal is to reach one thousand (1000, 1k, whatever) ideas.

A list of all ideas:

We currently list 33 ideas, since I'm not taking into consideration idea_0.


Who are you?

I'm an italian programmer. You can find some more about me @ https://napolux.com

Are these ideas really free?

YES. The MIT license is pretty clear.

What if I realize one of your ideas and I make millions? Will you sue me?

Ideas are worthless, execution is everything, so, I don't care. But if you want to give me some of your millions, click here :D

How long will it take to reach 1000 ideas?

If I stick to James' idea machine article I should end my journey in 100 days. I will not limit myself to a simple writedown, so it could take longer, and I'm currenly writing an avg. of one idea per day. So please do the math ;)

Tell me more about the "little structure" and the "quality" of your ideas

Ideas will be rendered as a .json and a README.md file. The markdown file will be the "human readable" version of the idea, while the json file will be validated using some PHPUnit tests and a CI system in order to:

  • Have a "title" of less than 15 words
  • Have a "description" of at least than 30 words
  • Have a list of five (5) or more pros and (5) or more cons
  • A notice about this project

(structure may change at my will, it's not set in stone)

To run tests you need:

  • PHP 5.5.x
  • Composer & PHPUnit
  • Install PHPUnit if you didn't before.
  • Run phpunit --bootstrap scripts/build_md_files.php tests/ to build files and run tests.

Are your ideas 100% originals?

I can't guarantee they are 100% originals, the world is full of ideas machines. I can only guarantee that the idea comes from my mind. :)

Can you elaborate on this?

Let's make an example: let's say I'm thinking about a dating site for fat people like me. There are already many websites out there offering this kind of services, but probably I'm thinking about it for a while and I've figure out a way for a viral marketing initiative like printing coupons for the service on pizza boxes...

Then I'll write it down as an idea.

Not original, not new, but it's an idea. And it's mine. And I'm giving it away for free.

Can I add some ideas with a pull request?

Nope, sorry. But you can fork my repo and do whatever you want with it. If you have any suggestion, get in touch or open an issue.

What is idea_0?

It's a prototype for all the other ideas. I'm using it to validate my build and test scripts.

I have another question. How can I reach you?

Check my website or write me napolux@gmail.com.