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== What? ==

npStarter is a very basic init system for the raspberrypi, created to have full control of an otherwise fully functioning Raspbian Linux system. It replaces the systemd init system with its own setup routines and can also return control back to systemd for a full "normal" system.

The system starts up with most file systems in read only mode for better power loss/cable pull protection and starts ONLY the things you need.

== Why? ==

Modern linux systems can be a bit too smart and a bit too complicated sometimes. For art installations and dependable systems (read-only file systems, ...) more control is needed and fewer parts means less can go wrong. Through the read-only filesystem and predictable environment it offers a more embedded feel to the raspberry. It's also very fast:)

== Requirements ==

== Installation ==

First become root: sudo su -

Clone it to /root/npStarter (path is hardcoded currently) and run: cd /root/npStarter cmake . make -j5

Then overwrite /sbin/init with /root/npStarter/init, this replaces npStarter as the init system, instead of systemd.

== Usage ==

After rebooting the system starts a barebones, readonly session and can be accessed via SSH on the ethernet port, listening via dhcp (dhclient is called when booting) and/or statically on

When you login you can send a SIGINT signal to init (killall -SIGINT init) and it will run a systemd session, fully booting the pi.

== Device support ==

Modules are hardcoded as needed, ethernet, wifi, usb cameras and the touch display. I might make an ini file with module names so you don't have to recompile to add modules.

== WiringPI ==

You can also enable WiringPI (remove the comments in CMakeLists.txt) so the init will run a full system when two pins are connected (pin 18 and ground) Or any other configuration change can be done via GPIO, currently just this:)

== Userland ==

I use PHP for the web server which can then run local commands remotely. I've also used it for the userland, which configures the network, wifi/ap and misc functions. This I will add as an additional project (npUserland)

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