VIM interface for Laravel 4 Generator bundle
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Adds integration with Laravel 4 Generator bundle through LG command allowing user to generate various entities w/o leaving VIM. Convinient navigation through generated/updated files included. This is a very early release, please file bugs if you find any.


If you're using Pathogen.vim, Vundle or similar software consult their documentation. In case if you're using plain VIM just throw contents of this repository to ~/.vim directory (or ~/_vim Win32 users).


LGS.vim provides one single command for invoking generators: LG


" Generates NewModel
LG model NewModel

" Generates controller Controller
LG controller MyController

" Will insert form for model Model into current buffer at cursor position
LG form NewModel

" You can also specify options for generators

LG form --method=create --html=ul ModelName

" Syntax with = is supported too
LG controller --path=/path/to/template ControllerName

See documentation for more details.

Known issues

First of all current discovery of models is very basic and fragile. It is a piece of code executed in artisan ticker console. You can find it in misc/get_models.php.

Environment discovery is very dumb: mock Application class, load bootstrap/start.php catch detectEnvironment. In case if detectEnvironment is called after some work with Application instance it'll just crash and you won't get any completion.