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VIM Color Picker


When you're editing VIMs syntax files you have dozens of hl statements. Each statement has 6 color parameters:

  • guifg - for gVIM text color
  • guibg - for gVIM text background color
  • ctermbg - text color for 256-colored terminal
  • ctermfg - text background color for 256-colored terminal
  • termfg - 16-color terminal text color
  • termbg - 16-color terminal background color

And they all must look alike. Well, thats the plan at least.

The problem is that you should not just make up your color scheme, but also code it, test it and make all types of terminals look alike. This is daunting. Very daunting.

Recently I've been trying to do that and came to conclusion that I'm doing it wrong. This little script tries to solve the problem.


  • Implements CIEDE2000 algorithm for automatically matching your colors (especially useful for 256-GUI hex matching).
  • Nicely previews result.
  • Generates hl line so you won't have to type colors yourself.
  • Drag and drop colors around. After you've chosen one color you can just drag & drop it to other holders. Color will be approximated as needed.
  • Can parse lines and understands named colors.


CTERM chooser

More here

Don't be afraid of that huge palette, you can still use color wheel. Its value will be used to find nearest color.


Requires Python 2.7 and Gtk2 Python bindings.


$ git clone
$ cd vim-picker
$ ./

You may have to change first line of (shebang) to make sure it points to right Python interpreter.


Thanks to EasyRGB for CIEDE2000 implementation.

Bugs & Features

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