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Simple plasma widget for controlling systemd services
QML C++ CMake
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Plasma Systemd Control

This is a simple plasma applet for KDE Plasma 5 to control systemd services. It is not designed to be a complete user interface for systemd, but it provides an convenient way to start and stop selected services.

Supported Features

  • start service (sudo systemctl start SERVICE)
  • stop service (sudo systemctl stop SERVICE)
  • updates automatically if status changed externally
  • system units and user units (--user)


To work properly, you must be able to run sudo systemctl without password. Usually you can achieve this be editing /etc/sudoers with visudo.


mkdir build
cd build
make install

For Arch Linux there is a package available via AUR:

Dependencies (Debian)

  • cmake
  • linux-libc-dev
  • build-essential
  • extra-cmake-modules
  • libkf5config-dev
  • libkf5plasma-dev
  • qt5-default
  • qtdeclarative5-dev

Dependencies (openSUSE)

  • cmake
  • extra-cmake-modules
  • linux-glibc-devel
  • libqt5-qtbase-devel
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