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It’s All Data [1/2]

Remove Incanter section

Replace Incanter example with something else

Names and Places [2/2]

Substitute c.c.math for something in core

Is c.c.with-ns necessary or does it need to be moved into a library

Mini Browser [3/3]

Send email to James discussing pulling dependencies up so things work properly with 1.3

Pull necessary contrib libraries for compojure/hiccup/ring into the right places

Send pull requests/patches out to the right places

Fight Solution [1/1]

Replace clojure.http.client with a straight Java API solution

Project Euler Solution [1/1]

Remove c.c.lazy-seqs dependency

Misc [4/4]

Fix broken tests

Add a link to the next lab if applicable

Add a link to the previous lab if applicable

Create a wiki that has a page of instructions for each editor versus everything contained in the README