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Winner of "Best Hack to Reduce Online Harassment" at T9 Hacks Spring 2017.

What is Empower?

Empower is an anonymous platform for women to rate and share their experiences in workplace. A news feed shows all the ratings and experiences shared recently. Users can select a specific company to pull up analytics on the ratings and reviews of that company. The reviews are all anonymous.


A few days back,[Susan Fowler] ( shared a horrifying experience regarding workplace harassment at Uber. Susan ended up quitting Uber. Who would have thought that Uber would have such a poor workplace environment for women?

Women would be greatly benefited by a platform where they could rate and share their workplace harassment experiences -- so that other women could benefit from that and not join a company which has a poor culture towards women.

How we built it?

We had a flask server running in the backend which had a postgresql datastore. The front end was done using bootstrap. We used IBM Watson's tone analyzer to generate analytics and d3.js to generate the visualization.

The project is hosted on AWS.

Running the project locally

  1. Install Dependencies.
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Create API keys for IBM Watson's tone analyzer and Alchemy API and update the respective variables.

  2. Install Postgresql driver and create a new username and password. Update the with those credentials.

  3. Run the script to create the database initially.

  4. Run to run the main application and go to localhost:5000.

The site is hosted live at