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import as web
import datetime as dt
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.widgets as wd
def plot_data(stkname, fig, topplt, botplt, sidplt):
#Get data from yahoo
#Calculate olling mean, mean and current value of stock
#Also calculate length of data
startdate =, 1, 1)
stkdata = web.DataReader(stkname, 'yahoo', startdate)
stklen = len(stkdata.index)
enddate =[stklen-1])
stkrolmean = pd.ewma(stkdata['Close'], 60)
stkmean = stkdata['Close'].mean(1).round(2)
stkcur = stkdata['Close'][stklen-1]
stkmax = stkdata['Close'].max(1)
stkmin = stkdata['Close'].min(1)
#Decoration for annotation of latest trading value
props = dict(boxstyle='round', facecolor='wheat', alpha=0.5)
#Clear all axes
#Top plot: Closing data, mean and rolling mean
topplt.plot(stkdata.index, stkdata['Close'], stkdata.index,
stkmean*np.ones(stklen), stkdata.index, stkrolmean,)
topplt.set_title('{} Stock Price from {} to {}'.format(stkname,
startdate, enddate))
topymin, topymax = topplt.get_ylim()
topplt.text(0.05, 0.95, 'Trading price on {}: ${}'.format(enddate,
stkcur), transform=topplt.transAxes, fontsize=14,
verticalalignment='top', bbox=props)
topplt.fill_between(stkdata.index, stkdata['Close'],
(topymin+0.01)*np.ones(stklen), alpha=0.5)
topplt.legend(('Close', 'Mean', 'EWMA'), 'lower right', shadow=True,
fancybox=True, fontsize=8)
#Bottom plot: Bar Graph, trading volume, stkdata['Volume'])
botplt.set_title('{} Trading Volume'.format(stkname))
#Side plot: histogram of 'high-low'
sidplt.hist(stkdata['High']-stkdata['Low'], bins=50, normed=True)
sidplt.set_title('Stock Value Variation')
sidplt.text(0.70, 0.50, '{} Trading Value Stats\nMean:${}\nHighest:${}'
'\nLowest:${}'.format(stkname, stkmean, stkmax, stkmin),
transform=sidplt.transAxes, fontsize=12,
verticalalignment='top', horizontalalignment='center',
#Remove xticklabels on top plot
plt.setp(topplt.get_xticklabels(), visible=False)
return fig
def setup():
#Setup figure
#Top, Bottom, Side with top and bottom plot sharing x axis
fig = plt.figure()
top = plt.subplot(221)
bot = plt.subplot(223, sharex=top)
sid = plt.subplot(122)
stklst = sorted(('AMZN', 'GE', 'GOOG', 'MSFT', 'YHOO', 'EBAY'))
fig = plot_data(stklst[0], fig, top, bot, sid)
#Setup for radio bottoms
axcolor = 'lightgoldenrodyellow'
ylen = len(stklst)/50.0
prop_radio = plt.axes([0.95, 1-ylen, 0.048, ylen], axisbg=axcolor)
radio = wd.RadioButtons(prop_radio, stklst)
return [fig, top, bot, sid, radio]
if __name__ == "__main__":
fig, top, bot, sid, radio = setup()
#Setup multicursor between top and bottom plot
multi = wd.MultiCursor(fig.canvas, (top, bot), color='r', lw=2)
def stocksel(label):
plot_data(label, fig, top, bot, sid)
#Show plot