A Factorio mod to add a GUI with the biter evolution factor and the current play time. Purely informative.
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This is a Factorio mod. It adds a small UI frame that informs you of the current biter evolution level, as well as your play time.

Many thanks for

  • The many downloads so far! Glad you guys are liking it.
  • Continuous Integration by CircleCI: Circle CI
  • Many, many improvements made by Afforess! Thanks so much, you're the best!
  • The wonderful translations contributed by these awesome people: JoCKeRiL (Hebrew), Rikkilook (Russian), theRustyKnife (Czech), thomaskneisel and BenediktMagnus (German), diilmac (Polish), Xagros (Korean), futuroattore86 (Italian).


The source of EvoGUI is Copyright 2015-2017 Octav "narc" Sandulescu. It is licensed under the MIT license, available in this package in the file LICENSE.md.


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