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CodeKlavier Activities

This page gives a run down of public CodeKlavier presentations and milestones to date:

(newest on top)

February 2019: Talk and performance with the CKaλulator at Lambda Days in Poland.

January 2019: Performance of new hybrid version for Disklavier at Conlon X Gaudeamus - Watch the trailer! We will also perform with the CKalculator at the International Conference on Live Coding

November 2018: Performance at Splendor

October 2018: Performance at ARTikulationen in Graz. This will be the first time we use our custom built KeyScanner.

September 2018: Performance at the Huygens Festival in Voorburg, Netherlands. We also did an interview with Dennis Kastrup about the project for Radio Eins.

August 2018: CodeKlavier paper and performance will be presented at the International Computer Music Conference in Daegu, Korea! In the proceedings you can find our first CodeKlavier published paper.

July 2018: CodeKlavier receives its custom built KeyScanner by Andrew McPherson.

June 2018: Performance and lecture-demonstration at MuSA 2018 at IMWI Karlsruhe, Germany. Our presentation includes a special CodeKlavier "presentation mode" where we use various CodeKlavier piano techniques to live code the presentation. This event will also feature a performance of Huygbrid and a more developed version of the CKalculator. There was also a performance of Huygbrid (previously Hybrid) and CKalculator at Ephemere in Studio Loos, Netherlands. Watch the video of CKalculator here.

May 2018: Performance of two new prototypes, Hybrid and CKalculator at WORM in Rotterdam as part of the Algo~rhythms series.

March 2018: Performance at the Huygens Festival Amuse in Voorburg, NL and at In-Sonora Festival in Madrid, Spain. Video from In-Sonora here

February 2018: Recording of Motippets version 1.

December 2017: Mini-tour! "hello world" and Motippets are performed at the International Conference on Live Coding in Morelia, Mexico - watch video of Motippets here. We also give a lecture-presentation at the Tandon School of Engineering, hosted by LiveCode.NYC, in New York and perform "hello world" at the Uncaged Toy Piano Festival. Watch video here.

October 2017: CodeKlavier receives a 2 year grant for further development from the Creative Industries Fund NL.

September 2017: "hello world" is performed at the Gaudeamus Muziek week - a contemporary music festival held annually in Utrecht, Netherlands. A special interactive version of "hello world" is created as an interactive installation for Leiden's Evening of Art and Science.

August 2017: Still Hacking Anyway 2017, NL. Our first live presentation of the CodeKlavier. We also performed, Code Our Glance, where we play as a duo. A video of the event is available here.

May 2017: "hello world" is awarded the Conlon and Uncaged Festival's Composition Prize. Watch the video here

April 2017: CodeKlavier receives the starter's phase grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL.