Simple IOT board with Electrodragon's relay board with mqtt from and android mqtt dashboard app.
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Simple Control Device for turning on/off a AC device via wifi/mqtt/mobile phone.

This was just a project made out of desperate situation caused by mistakes in heating system design. So my friend needed to be able to control the pump which pushes the heat towards one f the branches, for a while and also being able to turn it on/off, get some feedback etc. So far they like it and this copy/paste coding style worked for us.


This particular project used Electrodragon ESP Relay board. Amazing device for only 5-6$.

  • Keep in mind that Electrodragon has several types of boards, so pick the one which would suite your needs.

This is the one i used: Wifi IoT Relay Board Based on ESP8266

You would also need programmer, i often use USB-TTL one , so cheap i bought a handful of those :D USB-TTL Serial CH340 Board