This is an attempt to mock the new uber app into mobile web to learn how react can be used to optimize for mobile web.
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Uber clone for mobile web

Live Demo:

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This is about my learning on performance techniques used to make Uber mobile web which I built using React as fast as possible.

Motivation It’s been 1 year since Flipkart Lite was launched and few months since Housing Go was launched and I was always fascinated with the idea of how mobile web is a future and I wanted to give a try.

First I needed an app on which I can implement the perf techniques, and Uber had just recently launched their app with new design and it looked promising so I decided to clone the app using React.

It took me a some time to build the basic implementation of the app, I have used

Below is the gif of the app with basic interaction.

Please give a visit to the demo on your mobile browser and share your inputs with me. (Since I hosted it on heroku, it’s goes down when it has no visits. Don’t lose patience if it doesn’t load at first :P).

Maintaining Performance is like a chess, one wrong move and it undos lot of hardwork done.