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⚠️ This project is no longer maintained ⚠️


Assign callbacks for started/stopped typing events.


    start: function (event, $elem) {
        $elem.css('background', '#fa0');
    stop: function (event, $elem) {
        $elem.css('background', '#f00');
    delay: 400

typing command takes key-value object with start, stop and delay keys. They are all optional, so you can either pass only start callback, stop callback, stop callback and delay time, or everything.

delay is amount of time the plugin waits for another keypress before judging that typing has stopped; it is expressed in milliseconds and defaults to 400. Regardless of delay's value, the stop callback is called immediately when blur event occurs.

Callbacks are passed two arguments: event that caused callback execution and jQuery object for matched element. Possible events are keypress or keydown for start callbacks and keyup or blur for stop callbacks.




Get production version from

For development version visit GitHub.


jQuery-typing is written by Maciej Konieczny and uses semantic versioning for release numbering. Everything in plugin/ directory is released into the public domain.