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This app uses the Last.fm API to retrieve data on last.fm listening activity. You'll need to have used last.fm for a while for it to be worthwhile. It downloads weekly track charts and saves them as JSON files, then converts them to CSV. A d3.js-based web page (in the charts/ subfolder) renders this data as charts.

How to use

  • Download a copy of this repository
  • cd narf.pl/content/assets/music-streaming/source/
  • rm data/api-json/*.json && rm data/chart-csv/*.csv to clear narf's data
  • sudo pip install -r data/requirements.txt
  • Register a new application at last.fm/api/accounts.
  • Add your API key and username to data/settings.py
  • python data/download_json.py && python data/generate_csv.py to download data (this could take a while, but you can cancel (Ctrl+C) mid-download and resume later)
  • python -m SimpleHTTPServer to run a local server
  • Open http://localhost:8000/charts/ to see your lovely charts

To move the "Spotify" green line

  • Change date on line 180 of charts/lib.coffee
  • sudo npm install -g coffee-script to install Coffeescript
  • coffee -c charts/lib.coffee to compile JavaScript from Coffeescript