openFrameworks addon for porting Adobe AfterEffects composition to openFrameworks.
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by nariakiiwatani


This is a project to make an addon for porting Adobe AfterEffects' composition to openFrameworks realtime animation. Currently so buggy, So I need community help. :)

Depends on...


Export composition data from AfterEffects

  1. Select composition(s) in project pane.
  2. execute tool/compExport.jsx (File-->Script-->Execute) and choose a folder to export data.

Load and play on OF


ofxAE::Loader loader_;
ofxAE::Composition *composition_;


void ofApp::setup(){
	loader_.setBasePath("exported_folder");	// if needed
	composition_ = loader_.loadComposition("foo.json");	// this will load from "bin/data/exported_folder/foo.json"
	composition_->setLoopState(FrameCounter::LOOP_ONEWAY);	// if needed

void ofApp::update(){

void ofApp::draw(){

The goal is...

  1. Drive all features in AE on OF. But of course it's impossible because AE is not for realtime animations. So I want the exporter to be able to select enable/disable with some features.

  2. Provide interfaces to operate animations interactively. This is why I decide to make this addon. change image sources, motion loop, add realtime effects,,,

  3. Write exporters for various animation softwares. Though this addon is named AE, AE is not only way to make animations. Other softwares will also work if it can export a json file in same format. So it's important to keep independence between AE and OF.