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openFrameworks addon for keyframe tween animation
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We want to tween all types

template<typename Type, typename Interpolator>
Type ofxTweenType(float k, float k0, float k1, const Type &v0, const Type &v1, ofEaseFunction ease);

Keyframe animation

class ofApp {
	ofxKeyframeTween<ofQuaternion> tween;
void ofApp::setup() {
	tween.addKeyFrame(0, ofQuaternion(0, ofVec3f(1,0,0)), OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);
	tween.addKeyFrame(1, ofQuaternion(90, ofVec3f(0,1,0)), OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);
	tween.addKeyFrame(2, ofQuaternion(90, ofVec3f(0,1,1)), OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);
	tween.addKeyFrame(3, ofQuaternion(180, ofVec3f(1,1,0)), OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);
	tween.addKeyFrame(4, ofQuaternion(270, ofVec3f(1,0,1)), OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);
	tween.addKeyFrame(5, ofQuaternion(0, ofVec3f(1,0,0)), OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);
void ofApp::draw() {
	float timef = ofGetElapsedTimef();
	timef = ofWrap(timef,0,5);
	float d,x,y,z;
	ofTranslate(ofGetWidth()/2, ofGetHeight()/2);
	ofDrawRectangle(-50,-50, 100,100);

Supported types

  • char
  • short
  • int
  • long
  • long long
  • unsigned char
  • unsigned short
  • unsigned int
  • unsigned long
  • unsigned long long
  • float
  • double
  • ofVec2f
  • ofVec3f
  • ofVec4f
  • ofColor
  • ofFloatColor
  • ofShortColor
  • ofQuaternion
  • ofMatrix4x4
  • ofNode
  • ofCamera


Change Interpolator

By default, ofxTwenType uses it's typical interpolation function.
See ofxTweenTypeInterpolators.h's #pragma mark decide tipical functions.
You can change this as below,,,

// this uses typical(based on TRS) interpolation
// change to numeric interpolation
ofxTweenType<ofMatrix4x4, ofx::tweentype::interpolate::Numeric<ofMatrix4x4>>(...);

Custom Interpolator

You can write your custom Interpolators.
You have to implement two functions on your Interpolator(struct).

// object to tween
struct MyStruct {
	ofVec2f position;
	float rotation;
// your interpolator
struct MyInterpolator {
	static inline int dim() { return 2; }
	static inline MyStruct getInterpolated(float k, float k0, float k1, const MyStruct &v0, const MyStruct &v1, std::vector<ofEaseFunction> ease) {
		using namespace ofx::tweentype::interpolate;
		MyStruct ret;
		ret.position = Typical<ofVec2f>::type::getInterpolated(k, k0, k1, v0.position, v1.position, {ease[0]});
		ret.rotation = Typical<float>::type::getInterpolated(k, k0, k1, v0.rotation, v1.rotation, {ease[1]});
		return ret;
// use it
float time;
MyStruct ms0,ms1;
MyStruct ms = ofxTweenType<MyStruct, MyInterpolator>(time, 0, 1, ms0, ms1, OF_EASE_CUBIC_IN);

Tested in

openFrameworks 0.9.8


ofxTweenLite by julapy


MIT License.

Special Thanks


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