openFrameworks addon for warping mesh with mouse/keyboard
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Warping mesh points with mouse and keyboard.
You can do it by code, of course.

How to use


See example

selecting points

You can select/deselect point(s) by clicking on the point or making rectangle including the points.
With shift key pressed, additive.
With command key pressed, alternative.

moving points

You can move points' position by dragging on a selected point.
With option key pressed, texcoord will be moved instead.
With shift key pressed, points move according axis.
You can also move by arrow keys.

editing alpha

You can edit points' alpha by scrolling Y-axis.

switching nodal or not

Each point has a property of nodal or not.
By clicking on a point with option key pressed, you can switch it.
If a point is nodal, you can control its position or texcoord directly.
If a point is not nodal, you cannot but it will be controled by mood.

dividing or reducing mesh points

Click on a line to divide mesh.
With option key pressed, reduce.

Dividing mesh allocates memory for new points but reducing doesn't free them.
So if you call divide/reduce many times, you may need to call ofxMeshWarp::gc() on reasonable time.

Other Features


See example

Tested on

  • Mac OSX 10.13.6
  • oF 0.10.0
  • Xcode 9.4.1


MIT license.