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the SIMPLEST interface to edit values with ofxGui
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by nariakiiwatani


ofxParamEdit provides the SIMPLEST interface to edit values with ofxGui. You can edit normal valriables (like int, float,,,) through this addon.

Depends on...

ofxGui (v0.8.0 or later)


see example/src/testApp.cpp

ofxParamEdit param;
// below are vars to be edit
bool enable=true;
ofFloatColor color;
ofVec2f pos(300,100);
float size=100;
bool child_enable=true;
float child_pos_x=50;
float child_pos_y=50;
// set root name
// add variable (with callback)
param.addButton("bang", this, &testApp::callback);
param.addToggle("on off", enable, this, &testApp::callbackB);
param.addSlider("size", size, 100.f, 500.f, this, &testApp::callbackF);
param.addColorSlider("color", color, ofFloatColor(0,0,0,0), ofFloatColor(1,1,1,1), this, &testApp::callbackC);
param.addVecSlider("pos", pos, ofVec2f(0,0), ofVec2f(ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight()), this, &testApp::callbackV);
// create a group
param.beginGroup("child", true);	// second arg should be true( or blank) if you wanted the group to be a panel
param.addToggle("on off", child_enable);
param.addSlider("x", child_pos_x, -(float)ofGetWidth(), (float)ofGetWidth());
param.addSlider("y", child_pos_y, -(float)ofGetHeight(), (float)ofGetHeight());

// load from XML file
// visible;
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