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Electrical resistivity processing module (Geoscan Research RM15/RM85) contains: Import Processing: Median filtering Georeferencing Magnetic data processing module (Sensys MXPDA - GNSS) contains: Import Processing: Decimation(raw - median moving window) Median removal Trend removal Stationary point removal Magnetic data processing module (Sensys MXPDA/Grad601 - grid survey) contains: Import Processing: Median removal Trend removal Georeferencing Electromagnetic data processing module (Geonics EM31) contains: Import Processing: Apparent conductivity calculation Electromagnetic data processing module (Geophex GEM2, GSSI EMP400) contains: Importing Processing: Spatial GNSS/GEM2/EMP400 shift Median filtering by profile (in-phase, out-of-phase) Moving window filter Geophysical parameter calculation: Calibration Electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility computation

Coming soon: RM15/RM85 Download module Advanced processing module

Please consult the help file for more details.

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