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-tags : [introduction, scala, datomic, golang]
+tags : [introduction, scala, datomic, golang, dart]
description: |
The first episode of the Sayeret lambda podcast
@@ -14,5 +14,13 @@ This is our first episode! in it we cover:
* Whats kept us busy: Yardena talked about her first [Groovy]( experience and using [Easyb](, Ronen mentioned [Gelfino]( and the s-exp to l-exp [compiler](
- *
+ * Interview with [Iulian Dragos]( of [typesafe]( about Scala, it IDE support and the community in general.
+ * Our impressions of the [edge](url) Java conference, meeting Tim Berglund and Ronen's work on [liquibase dsl]( and [Gradle plugin](, Yardena impression of time travel debugger and meeting Iulian.
+ * [datomic]( is out, uses datalog as query language, has a unique approach to data persistency and caching.
+ * Scala macros [controversy]( and Odersky’s [response](!msg/scala-language/PV4q6O1qIh8/yG4p8PA2Jf8J)
+ * Golang first version [out](, the next sayeret talk will be on golang, Dart will follow
@@ -8,10 +8,12 @@ head_title: Lambda pod
<div class="highlight-wrap span4">
Welcome to the Sayeret lambda group podcast, covering programming language news and commentary, the podcast is hosted by Ronen Narkis and Yardena Meymann.
+ Feel free to poke around the [episodes](http://localhost:4000/archive.html).
+ <p> The podcast is in Hebrew, interviews will be usually in English </p>

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