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Narly Sprite is meant to help you create and edit sprite sheets. Pretty simple.

Sample GIF

Narly Sprite requires Gimp 2.8+ because it uses group layers to organize the frames in the sprite.

Features include:

  • adding/removing frames
  • changing the active (viewable) frame
  • exporting the frames as a sprite sheet (horizontal strip/grid, will be adding powers of two support soon)
  • flattening the sprite to a new image with each frame being its own (flattened) layer
  • trimming the sprite to be the smallest possible width/height
  • copying a layer to every frame
  • displaying the previous frame with transparency for reference
  • settings dialog that gets saved with the .xcf file
  • option to copy the pixels in the previous frame or to just create blank layers when making a new frame
  • toggle a layer's visibility in every frame

This plugin becomes the most useful when you map the Sprite->Frames entries (Delete Frame, New Frame, Next Frame, Prev Frame) to keyboard shortcuts. I currently have them mapped to ALT= and ALT- for new/delete and ALT, and ALT. for prev and next.

This plugin doesn't actual export anything as animated gifs - you'll have to do Sprite->Export->Flatten and then export that using the built-in gif exporter.

Below are some screenshots of some of the menus, as well as how the frames are organized into layers:

Create Menu:

Create Menu

Creation Dialog:

Creation Dialog

Sprite Menu:

Sprite Menu

Frame Layers:

Frame Layers

The images below were all made from the same .xcf file:

Exported as a horizontal sprite sheet:

Horizontal Sprite Sheet

Exported as a grid sprite sheet:

Grid Sprite Sheet

Flattened and exported as an animated gif:

Animated GIF

Narly Sprite also has a settings dialog that lets you choose whether or not the previous frame is displayed with the current frame and with how much transparency:

Settings dialog:

Settings Dialog

Previous frame transparency in action:

Prev Frame Transparency