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Get timing stats from HTTP Archive Format

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Get timing stats from HTTP Archive Format, known as HAR. HAR supports in chromium or google chrome via developer tools and firefox with firebug addon.

Usage: har_timing <har> [opts]

<har> may be gzipped. It's detected by file extension .gz

  -m, --mime    Filter by response mime/type. Ex: -m image                                      
  -u, --url     Filter by request url. Ex: -u assets                                            
  -f, --filter  Filter by property of entry har, can pass many times.
                       For ex: -f request.method=GET
  -g, --group   Group by this property                                                            

Usage example, group by response.status and filter by mime matches to image:

$ har_timing assets/ -g response.status -m image                                                  
│     │ Min  │ Max   │ Avg   │ Count │ Sum      │
│ 200 │ 7ms  │ 682ms │ 188ms │ 576   │ 108416ms │
│ 304 │ 10ms │ 831ms │ 203ms │ 40    │ 8104ms   │
│ all │ 7ms  │ 831ms │ 189ms │ 616   │ 116520ms │

Install: npm install har_timing

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