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A library to recognize (mobile) phone numbers

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NumberRecognizer is library to recognize mobile phone numbers. It can make educated guesses to correct local numbers into numbers in international format.


require "number_recognizer"
@nc ="0612345678")
@nc.valid_or_correct_mobile?  # => true
@nc.country_name              # => "Netherlands"                   # => "31"
@nc.prefix                    # => "31"
@nc.local_number              # => "612345678"
@nc.normalized_number         # => "31612345678"

Supported countries

It does not aim for worldwide coverage and correction, as that is not the problem I'm trying to solve. If you want to add a country, feel free to send me a pull request or create a feature request.

  • Australia (614xxxxxxxx)
  • Belgium (324xxxxxxxx)
  • England (447xxxxxxxx, 447xxxxxxxxx)
  • Germany (491xxxxxxxxx, 491xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Netherlands (316xxxxxxxx)
  • Portugal (3519xxxxxxxx)
  • Spain (346xxxxxxxx, 347xxxxxxxx)

Some countries have some number ranges not covered. The regular expressions cover those, so check lib/number_recognizer.rb for the details.

It is also possible to add your own custom format:

NumberRecognizer.add_format :country => "Utopia", :mobile=>true, :format => /(99)(9\d{8})/, :country_code=>999


Simply install the gem from rubygems:

gem install number_recognizer

If you use Bundler, add it to your Gemfile and the do a bundle install:

gem "number_recognizer"

Bug tracking / feature requests

I use Github issues for this:


It scratches my own itch and does not aim to solve everyone's problems. If it works for you, great! If it does not; fork it, patch it and send me a pull request.

Written by Wes 'Narnach' Oldenbeuving in 2009. Licensed under the MIT license.

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