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import requests
import os
import json
class Beeminder:
_base_url = ''
_user = None
_token = None
# Auth
def set_username(self, username):
self._user = username
def set_token(self, token):
self._token = token
# User
def get_user(self):
return self._call(f'users/{self._user}/goals.json')
# Goal
def get_goal(self, goal_name):
return self._call(f'users/{self._user}/goals/{goal_name}.json')
def get_goals(self):
return self._call(f'users/{self._user}/goals.json')
def create_goal(self):
def update_goal(self, goal_name, slug=None, title=None, yaxis=None, secret=None,
datapublic=None, nomercy=None, roadall=None, datasource=None):
args = {
'slug': slug,
'title': title,
'yaxis': yaxis,
'secret': secret,
'datapublic': datapublic,
'nomercy': nomercy,
'roadall': roadall,
'datasource': datasource
data = {k: v for k, v in args.items() if v is not None}
return self._call(f'users/{self._user}/goals/{goal_name}.json',
data=data, method="PUT")
# Datapoint
def get_datapoints(self, goal_name):
return self._call(f'/users/{self._user}/goals/{goal_name}/datapoints.json')
def create_datapoint(
goal_name: str,
value: float,
unix_timestamp: float,
comment: str = None
return self._call(f'/users/{self._user}/goals/{goal_name}/datapoints.json', data={
'value': value,
'unix_timestamp': unix_timestamp,
'comment': comment
}, method="POST")
def create_datapoints(self):
def update_datapoint(self):
def delete_datapoint(self):
# Charge
def create_charge(self):
# Internal
def _call(self, endpoint, data=None, method='GET'):
if data is None:
data = {}
data.update({'auth_token': self._token})
url = f'{self._base_url}{endpoint}'
result = None
if method == 'GET':
result = requests.get(url, data)
if method == 'POST':
result =, data)
if method == 'PUT':
result = requests.put(url, data)
if not result.status_code ==
raise Exception(f'API request failed with code {result.status_code}: {result.text}')
# self._persist_result(endpoint, result)
return None if result is None else result.json()
def _persist_result(endpoint, result):
path = f'data/{endpoint}'
dir_ = os.path.dirname(path)
if not os.path.exists(dir_):
with open(path, "w") as f:
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