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Find file Copy path
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import {IPalette, IPaletteProvider} from "../bpmn-js/bpmn-js";
export class CustomPaletteProvider implements IPaletteProvider {
static $inject = ['palette', 'originalPaletteProvider', 'elementFactory'];
private readonly elementFactory: any;
// Note that names of arguments must match injected modules, see InjectionNames.
// I don't know why originalPaletteProvider matters but it breaks if it isn't there.
// I guess since this component is injected, and it requires an instance of originalPaletteProvider,
// originalPaletteProvider will be new'ed and thus call palette.registerProvider for itself.
// There probably is a better way.
constructor(private palette: IPalette, private originalPaletteProvider: IPaletteProvider, elementFactory) {
// console.log(, "constructing", palette, originalPaletteProvider);
this.elementFactory = elementFactory;
getPaletteEntries() {
// console.log(, "getPaletteEntries", this.palette, this.originalPaletteProvider);
return {
save: {
group: 'tools',
className: ['fa-save', 'fa'],
title: 'TEST',
action: {
click: () => console.log( 'TEST Action clicked! Elementfactory: ', this.elementFactory)
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