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nsr-mp, Narvik Student Radio Music Player

A project to make a radio music player based on gstreamer-java to play music and spots.

This is an IDLE radio player, its meant to play music, radiospots, update icecast while the radio staff does NOTHING. The program will run on a server hidden somewhere, it loads music, spots, it even logs what has been played and then, updates icecast. The Radio Music Machine For Lazy Student Radio Members


  1. Place nsr-mp.jar in a sutable folder
  2. Copy to the same folder and rename it
  3. Modefy to suit your needs
  4. Launch the application with "java -jar nsr-mp.jar"


  • Java 1.6
  • Linux based OS (or something that plays nice with gstreamer)


NSR-MP's source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, except for the external libraries listed below.

External Libraries


Version 0.3 - 2013 - Christoffer Nordeng Version 0.2 - 2012 - Vegard Langås
Version 0.1 - 2011 - Viktor Basso

For Narvik Studentradio

Thanks to

Christoffer Müller Nordeng for reviewing the code and offering design assistance.