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Mechanical Keyboards


Many custom built mechanical keyboard nowadays are using QMK as the firmware. I can fully customize all the keys and layers to suit my needs. I can type in Colemak or even use SuperDuper mode on other computers.

Planck Keyboard

A 40% ortholinear keyboard which does not have functions & number rows at all. But instead can be typed by using Lower & Raise modifier keys.

My layout on Planck (Rev.4 & Light)

Ergodox Infinity

My first split keyboard. I like the thumb keys and the mini LCD screens. I use similar layout as the Planck. Plus some more keys at the thumb.

Simultaneous Vi Mode / (S)uper (D)uper Mode

This setup tremendously improve my typing and coding productivity as I don't have to reach for arrow keys anymore. I implemented this mode both in software layer via Karabiner Elements via Goku (link), and in hardware layer with QMK. To activate this mode, press S+D at the same time then hold. You can use this mode to navigate tabs too.

SuperDuper mode layer

Dev Mode with Z-Layer

I add another layer to type symbols which are heavily used in coding. I choose Z key as it is near the shift key and not being used that much (Q is less frequently used but sometimes hard to reach)

Z-Layer on Apple Keyboard

Z-Layer on Planck

I use Keyboard Layout Editor to maintain the layout designs.

Keyboard Layouts

I use Colemak for English and Pattachote for Thai. I so tried Workman and Norman for a short while.

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