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A collection of javascript algorithms, patterns, and techniques
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JavaScript Algorithms, Design Patterns, and Techniques

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This repository contains common algorithms, design patters, and techniques implemented in JavaScript. Code here is best used for learning purposes and practice. Contributing to this repo is appreciated and requested, especially if you're trying to learn JavaScript!

Note: Code from this repository should not be used in production! There are likely much more robust and well-tested built-in methods or npm packages to accomplish any task



  • Sorting
    • Merge Sort
    • Quick Sort
    • TODO: Bucket Sort
    • TODO: Heap Sort
    • TODO: Counting Sort
  • Searching


  • Observer (Tests needed)
  • Revealing Module (Tests needed)
  • Singleton (Tests needed)


  • Memoize (Tests needed)


Contributing to this repository is appreciated and requested! Please look at the list above and select a section that has TODO next to it, or one that needs testing. In the former case, please add both the content of that section as well as matching tests in the tests directory. Please Check the open issues before working on anything to make sure someone else isn't working on it already. If it looks available, open a new issue detailing what you plan to work on and I will verify no one else is working on it. Thank you!

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