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Corner Wheel Assembly 3D View.PDF
Wheel Assembly Build Doc.pdf

Wheel Assembly

The wheel assembly attaches the wheels to the motors and mounts the motors to the rest of the rocker-bogie suspension system that makes up the robot chassis.

Wheels picture


  • The flexible wheels allow for high traction as they deform around objects, improving climbing performance
  • Drive motors chosen to handle the high torque that the system sees, trading off speed for improved climbing performance

Information about module

Author/Creator JPL
Cost without 3D printer 518.06
Cost with 3D printer 518.06
Date Added 4/11
Group/Organization/School JPL
Time to build 5 hrs


  • Drill Press/Hand drill



  • Drill Press or hand drill
  • Allen Key set
  • Imperial Wrench Set


  • 3D printer

Dependencies on Other Modules:

  • None

Mechanical Interface/Attachments to Rover:

  • Corner wheels: 1/4 clamping hub to 1/4 inch stainless steel shaft on corner steering
  • Actobotics channels and channel connectors to rocker-bogie
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