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Software Subsystem

This section of the repository details how to get all the software that is necessary for driving the rover up and running. See the project's main roadmap for information on when you should be creating your software and how to integrate it with the rest of the rover.

6 Wheel Rover


By downloading, cloning, or otherwise using the contents of this repository, you agree to the terms specified in the attached DISCLAIMER.txt file.

Getting Started with the Software Build

The Software Steps.pdf document will walk you through all necessary steps for getting the rover software up and running on the Raspberry Pi. These steps can be completed at any point during the project, all the way up to when all the electronics and mechanical parts are completed and you are ready to start driving and controlling the robot. Additionally, there is a Software Controls.pdf file that walks you through the specifics of how the software drives the rover, including details about how makes all the necessary calculations to drive the rover coherently as one system. The Software Controls.pdf file is not strictly necessary to complete your rover build, but if offers a lot of supplemental information about the calculations that went into the control software for the rover. Feel free to read it as you see fit.

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