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3d788df2 » seanherron
2012-08-25 Added section2 for NASA CMS
1 <h3>Digital Government Strategy Report for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration</h3>
2 <div id="2" class="section">
3 <div id="2-1" class="main">
4 <h4>2.1. Engage with customers to identify at least two existing major customer-facing services that contain high-value data or content as first-move candidates to make compliant with new open data, content, and web API policy.</h4>
5 <span class="status">Overall Status: <span class="completed">completed</span></span>
6 </div>
8 <div id="2-1-1" class="sub">
9 <h5>2.1.1. Customer engagement approach</h5>
10 <p>Code and data are two of the major ways that NASA engages our customers. website expands NASA’s open source activities, surfaces existing activities, provides a discussion forum, and guides internal and external groups in open development, release, and contribution.NASA hoped to lower barriers to building open technology in partnership with the public. Phase two concentrates on discussion of open source concepts, policies, and activities at NASA. The third phase focuses on building software tools to improve and speed open source development (distributed version control, issue tracking, continuous integration, documentation, communication, and planning/management). is NASA’s commitment to open data expands the audience for the vast body of knowledge captured in nearly 100 years of U.S. aeronautics and space data. Developers, technologists, entrepreneurs, citizen scientists and many others can contribute directly to the exploration of space and Earth by helping to create new ways of looking at this data. Additionally, the release of administrative and procedural information from within NASA enables researchers and analysts to understand more about the inner workings of NASA as well as allow our own employees to better understand other functions of our Agency. As part of the Open Government Initiative, the Agency is working to improve accessibility to this data and incentivizing the use of government data by citizens. To address the ever-increasing amount of tools and data catalogs that are publicly available on NASA’s many websites, this directory lists publicly available datasets and serves to streamline the process for posting these datasets on The directory includes information and direct links to more than 1000 datasets, and this is just a small beginning.</p>
11 </div>
13 <div id="2-1-2" class="sub">
14 <h5>2.1.2. Prioritized list of systems (datasets)</h5>
15 <ol>
16 <li><h6>NASA Data API</h6>
17 The API allows a machine-readable interface to return metadata from the site organized by category, tag, date, or search term. We’re hoping this allows new and creative visualizations of the data resources NASA provides to the public. Additionally, it is a learning experience for us as we work to expand transparency, participation, and collaboration at NASA through new uses of technology.
18 <div class="meta">
19 <span class="description">System Scope: both</span>
20 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees, Citizens</span>
21 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000000001</span>
22 </div>
23 </li>
24 <li><h6>ISS Live API</h6>
25 Thousands of data points are downloaded every minute from the Station, and ISS Live! makes a broad set of that data open and accessible. Furthermore, ISS Live! will make an application programming interface (API) available as a web service for external developers to take ISS data and put it into their own websites and mobile applications.
26 <div class="meta">
27 <span class="description">System Scope: both</span>
28 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees, Citizens</span>
29 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000000001</span>
30 </div>
31 </li>
32 <li><h6>ExoAPI</h6>
33 ExoAPI is an ongoing project that extends the accessibility of exoplanetary data by providing an easy to use RESTful API. ExoAPI was created during the NASA Space Apps Challenge by a team of three amazing geniuses who knew nothing about space before they started this...and still don't really. Currently the data is provided by who in turn feeds the data from The ExoAPI team plans on extending the API to encompass a wider array of data sources and more interesting space data to reach as many programmers as possible and encourage an explosion of space data based mashups.
34 <div class="meta">
35 <span class="description">System Scope: both</span>
36 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees, Citizens</span>
37 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000000001</span>
38 </div>
39 </li>
40 </ol>
41 </div>
42 </div>
bf9c785b » seanherron
2012-08-23 Added files
3d788df2 » seanherron
2012-08-25 Added section2 for NASA CMS
44 <div id="7" class="section">
45 <div id="7-1" class="main">
46 <h4>7.1. Engage with customers to identify at least two existing priority customer-facing services to optimize for mobile use.</h4>
47 <span class="status">Overall Status: <span class="completed">completed</span></span>
48 </div>
49 <div id="7-1-1" class="sub">
50 <h5>7.1.1. Paragraph on customer engagement approach</h5>
51 <p>In June, 2012 NASA held a Mobility Summit at Kennedy Space Center with all the Center Chief Technology Officers (CTO) for IT who worked as the CTO Council to craft an Agency vision and strategy for Agency mobility. NASA's mobility vision is articulated as, "Anyone will be able to securely and seamlessly access and share any information, anyplace, anytime, with any device." The following identified activities are projected: Publish NASA Mobile application development and release standards; Publish Mobile Computing guidelines - ensuring that all newly provisioned services are device agnostic; Publish NASA standard mobility practices; Prepare communications and support to enable a mobile workforce.</p>
52 </div>
53 <div id="7-1-2" class="sub">
54 <h5>7.1.2. Prioritized list of systems (datasets)</h5>
55 <ol>
56 <li><h6>NASA Apps Store</h6>
57 Provide employees and contractors with access to agency data and systems on the go.
58 <div class="meta">
59 <span class="description">System Scope: internal</span>
60 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees</span>
61 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000000001</span>
62 </div>
63 </li>
64 <li><h6>WebTADS</h6>
65 WebTADS Mobile is a lighter version of the desktop-based WebTADS developed to provide NASA Civil Servants with the convenience of recording time when they're not in the office or connected via VPN.
66 <div class="meta">
67 <span class="description">System Scope: internal</span>
68 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees</span>
69 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000000001</span>
70 </div>
71 </li>
72 <li><h6>Visualization Explorer</h6>
73 NASA Visualization Explorer, the coolest way to get stories about advanced space-based research delivered right to your iPad. A direct connection to NASA’s extraordinary fleet of research spacecraft, this app presents cutting edge research stories in an engaging and exciting format.
74 <div class="meta">
75 <span class="description">System Scope: both</span>
76 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees, Citizens</span>
77 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000004110</span>
78 </div>
79 </li>
80 <li><h6></h6>
81 NASA Enterprise Directory (NED) Search
82 <div class="meta">
83 <span class="description">System Scope: both</span>
84 <span class="description">Main Customer: Employees, Citizens</span>
85 <span class="description">Unique Investment Identifier: 026-000004110</span>
86 </div>
87 </li>
88 </ol>
89 </div>
90 </div>
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