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Mission Control Technologies is a real-time monitoring and visualization platform. See an overview and demo at Download MCT plugins at
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Open MCT Desktop

The desktop client is no longer under active development, as our development efforts are now focused on Open MCT for the web and mobile devices.

The MCT project was developed at the NASA Ames Research Center for use in spaceflight mission operations, but is equally applicable to any other data monitoring and control application.

Getting Started

  1. MCT is built using Maven (Java SE6), so start by downloading maven 2.2.1 or greater
  2. Clone the git repository git clone into a local folder (referred to as MCT_HOME).
  3. Run mvn -N install from the MCT_HOME/superpom directory.
  4. Run mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Ddistribution from the MCT_HOME/platform-assembly directory.
    1. If Maven complains about missing dependencies org.eclipse:equinox-osgi:jar:3.5.1 or org.eclipse:equinox-osgi-services:jar:3.2.0, download the JARs for the two plugins from Then follow the instructions Maven provides for installing the JARs.
  5. The platform distribution archive can be found in the MCT_HOME/platform-assembly/target directory.
  6. Extract the distribution archive, i.e. mct-platform-1.8b4-dist.tar.gz to the directory you wish to install MCT. The subdirectory mct-platform-1.8b4 will be created from the archive (referred to as MCT_DIST).
  7. Run MCT.jar from the extracted MCT directory. On most systems, this can be done with a double-click from a file browser; from the command line, java -jar MCT.jar

Working on MCT

Work on MCT in Eclipse

Building a MySQL database

Using a Derby database

Contributing to MCT

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