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Parse exception occurs due to untimely validation #73

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Select a PUI. Open Plot view; open plot control. Erase the default value in the Manual text field. Instead of entering a new value, select the Current Largest Datum option. Observe: the value in Span text field correctly updates; however, error occurs:

[] 2012-11-14 13:18:39 [ERROR] Parse exception in axis bounds panel. (
[] 2012-11-14 13:18:39 [ERROR] Could not interpret user input from axis bounds panel. (

Click Apply: now the Manual option/field correctly updates. (See also MCT-3805)

@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen was assigned
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen referenced this issue from a commit in VWoeltjen/mct
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen #73 disallow empty text field for manual non-time bounds when switchi…
…ng to other plot controls

1 Wrote or re-wrote unit tests (Y/N): Y
2 Ran entire suite of unit tests successfully (Y/N): Y
3 Verified bug fix with the replication steps in JIRA or verified the implementation meets the requirement cited in JIRA (Y/N): Y
4 Code coverage requirements satisfied (new code=80%, changed code=at least as high as existing) (Y/N): Y
5 Code review date and attendees: Dan Berrios Crucible M23-131
6 Describe potential impact on other areas of the code: Plots
7 Describe any test prerequisites for this fix (e.g., restart the database): N/A
8 For bugs marked "Regression - Yes", describe the cause of the regression:
Introduced during refactoring of plot controls (relevant controls were largely rewritten to support greater number of configurations introduced by Z-Axis as Time)
9 Did you modify any pom.xml file? If yes, did you get approval from QA and PM? N

@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen closed this

Reopening until hackathon

@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen reopened this

Using new (since this was reopened) "unverified" label to distinguish this from other issues

@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen closed this

Verified on Windows 7, hacktahon 1/2/2014, Scenario build 177

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