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Provide API and/or user mechanism to set the length of the time axis and to default the start of the time axis to the first data point #88

jariba opened this Issue Mar 22, 2013 · 6 comments

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jariba commented Mar 22, 2013

The MoonEx landing app only generates data for a couple of minutes, the default set up of 30 min makes it look like the plot is refreshing very slowly. We discovered that if we can set the start of the time axis to the first data point and the length of the time axis to 2 minutes then the plot becomes useful again.


This is duplicate of Issue #84, already assigned to @custardtart.


Related to Issue #84

jariba commented Mar 26, 2013

issue #84 only talks about setting the start time, we also want to be able to set the length of the time axis.


Javier says this is #1 issue as of 4-1-13

NASA member

We should be able to allow this to be specified (along with other defaults) in a plain-text properties file and read at run-time.

As an immediate workaround, if you are compiling from source you can edit the value of gov.nasa.arc.mct.fastplot.bridge.PlotConstants.DEFAULT_PLOT_SPAN (value is in milliseconds).

The most user-friendly approach would be to offer configuration options to administrative users under the GUI, which falls into the territory of some larger plug-in management UI we've been discussing - #97 is a useful umbrella for these issues.

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Leaving open - keeping this as reference for #97

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