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[Taxonomy] Allow plug-ins to introduce bootstrap components #208

merged 13 commits into from Oct 4, 2013

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This pull request allows plugins to introduce their own bootstrap components (top-level components that show up inthe user environment.) Previously, this was not feasible for reasons identified in nasa/mct#207

Changes are:

  • Add "getBootstrapComponents" to ComponentProvider API. Plugins may use this method to expose top-level components to the system.
  • Add Bootstrap capability. Component types may expose this capability to control how and in what order they appear as bootstrap components. (Top-level components which do not implement this capability are still handled, albeit with a lesser degree of support for handling their sorting.)

    Wrote or re-wrote unit tests (Y/N): Y
    Ran entire suite of unit tests successfully (Y/N): Y
    Verified bug fix with the described replication steps or verified the implementation meets the requirement cited (Y/N): Y
    Code coverage requirements satisfied (new code=80%, changed code=at least as high as existing) (Y/N): Y
    Code review date and attendees: Self-review (team size = 1)
    Describe potential impact on other areas of the code: Component bootstrapping
    Describe any test prerequisites for this fix (e.g., restart the database): Run with plugin that injects its own bootstrap components
    For bugs marked "Regression - Yes", describe the cause of the regression: N/A
    Did you modify any pom.xml file? If yes, did you thoroughly document your changes and reasons? N

VWoeltjen added some commits Oct 4, 2013
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Add API for plugin-introduced bootstraps
Issue nasa/mct#207 describes the need
for allowing third-party plug-ins to
introduce their own bootstrap components.
This adds appropriate method signatures
to plug-in API to facilitate this. This
does not include any implementation for
the usage of this API.
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Use plugin bootstrap API
When bundles are refreshed, aggregate all
bootstrap components exposed by plugins,
filter out any which have been previously
written to the database, and persist.
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Add Bootstrap capability definition
Adds a Bootstrap capability which
bootstrap components may support in
order to provide additional information,
such as ordering, related to such
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Use Bootstrap capability
Use the Bootstrap capability to determine
if a component should appear as a global
or creator-specific bootstrap component,
when tagging bootstrap components exposed
by plugins.
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Use capability to find My Sandbox d2c0544
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Sort bootstrap components e703693
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Updated version requirements
Updated package versions required in
bundles to reflect increment in
package version due to introduction
of Bootstrap capability.
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Support Bootstrap capability in Sandbox
Add Bootstrap capability to My Sandbox.
This identifies the sandbox as the
default destination for new components
to the platform, and provides indexing
information to ensure that My Sandbox
always appears at the last position
in the User Environment.
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Support Bootstrap capability in taxonomy comp
Add Bootstrap capability to
TelemetryDataTaxonomyComponent. These
are not always bootstraps, but when they
are bootstraps, they should be located
shortly before My Sandbox.
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Change comment to satisfy checkstyle 18bfd6e
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Test bootstrap components b959bbc
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Test bootstrap comparator c816be7
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Taxonomy] Test changes to registry
Verify that the external component registry
does probe plugins for bootstrap components,
and does deliver these components to
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen merged commit f572c91 into nasa:master Oct 4, 2013
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen referenced this pull request in nasa/MCT-Plugins Oct 4, 2013

[Scenario] Allow activities to be tagged #39

@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen added a commit to VWoeltjen/MCT-Plugins that referenced this pull request Oct 4, 2013
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen [Scenario] Move bootstrap components to provider
Move the introduction of the Scenario
plugin's bootstrap (top-level) components
from the Activator to the Provider in
order to utilize the new platform support
for this behavior provided by
@VWoeltjen VWoeltjen referenced this pull request in nasa/MCT-Plugins Oct 8, 2013

[Scenario] Tag objects and tag repositories #87

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